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10-02-12, 18:11
I have been asked to find out the meaning of something that was included on a passport. There is a word that was listed after the full name, such as : Jacob Jaakonpoika Aho, Gron.....What does Gron mean? Is it Swedish? I don't think it's Finnish...the person was born 13.2.1870 in Alajärvi, on the Anttila Farm. I hope one of you will be able to clear this up. Thank you in advance.

10-02-12, 18:54

Guess nr 1: gron = grön -> green eyes ?

Guess nr 2: Gron should be Granberg, a surname in Alajärvi.

Both wrong :-D - or the first one partly OK.

This is correct:

Alajärvi, Kurejoki village, Anttila farm nr 6, Aho torp

Torpare Jakob Jakobson Grön (b. 16.9.1836 in Alajärvi)
spouse Anna Johansdr Pokela (b. 26.4.1837 in Perho)
married 5.8.1866

children, all born in Alajärvi

Wilhelmina b. 30.9.1862
August b. 4.6.1867
Jakob b. 13.2.1870
Joel b. 19.7.1873


Alajärvi rippikirja, 1866-1873, picture 277 http://www.sukuhistoria.fi

10-02-12, 19:12
There's a Finnish surname Grön.

Is the genuine text written so that you cannot find out the letters following the word Gron but you expect the name to be longer? I ask because of those dots you used on your sentence.

I doubt the word means the color of Jacob's eyes. Well maybe in that case that the rest of the sentence appears to be a description of his appearances in details.

Amendment: I see Solja has solved your problem. :)

10-02-12, 19:35
This is obviously Jakob Grön's family:


31.5.1825 B.änkl. Jacob Matss. Sihtala B.dr. Susan:a Dav:dr. Kurenj. Lillhöck

26.6.1830 Kurenj. Antila Sex. Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd Johan
1.8.1832 Kurenj. Antila Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd David
8.11.1833 Kurenj. Antila Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd Maria
15.9.1836 Antila Sexm. Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd 31 Jacob
18.9.1839 Anttila Bd. Jacob Mattss. Susanna Davidsd Lovisa

Someone could translate and explain the word sexm. = sexman. It is not what it sounds like :-)


10-02-12, 19:45
Hi Solja!
Thank you so much! Now, I can tell the person what you have found! I didn't look at the rippikirja for Alajärvi...Have a good weekend!

Karen Norwillo
10-02-12, 20:30
A sexman was a member of a parish who supervised the maintenance of the church and parsonage The word sex means sergeant. He could also be responsible for the discipline and good habits of a parish. From Swedish Genealogical Dictionary, Phyllis J Pladsen et al.

June Pelo
10-02-12, 20:53

You got that right... many of my ancestors were sexmen in the parish..

Jaska Sarell
10-02-12, 21:05
sex = six (6)
Hence Finnish word for sexman is kuudennusmies. There were by definition six of them around the parish, but the number may have varied.

:) Jaska

12-02-12, 18:34
Hello Jaska,
I have another question for you. I have wondered for a long time what a crofter is? I know it is listed many times in the records as Torp. , which I know is shortened from torpare, and is Swedish for crofter, and, torppari in Finnish. I would like to know what kind of work a crofter does? I'm just curious...

Jaska Sarell
12-02-12, 20:08
Well, Roger.
Shortly they were tenant farmers, who had a piece of land for their own use, but had to work certain number of days for the land owner for the rent. Another kind of tenant farmers were called landbonde (fi lampuoti) who rented the whole farm. You may even find similar meaning title arrendator in certain areas.
First torp were on nobility owned farms only from 1600's, but from 1740 onwards they could be erased on other farm owners' land, first often for younger brothers' families. Sooner or later the ties to farm owners became looser and too often the rental contracts harsher. Original idea was that the main farms would not be split to too small parts. It was made difficult to buy the land, causing lots of problems. Finally the law in 1918 (after civil war :( ) made it possible to purchase the land, and crofters became small farmers.

:) Jaska

13-02-12, 17:15
Thank you very much for explaining to me about torp, tenant farmers,etc. Obviously, it could not have been an easy way to make a living. It's no wonder that it took a law had to change things for the better.