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June Pelo
11-02-12, 16:10
Anders Mattsson Alalauri or Lauri, b. 25 Dec. 1844, Lumijoki, Hailuoto was married 9 Dec. 1870 to Caisa Sofia Henriksdotter Soronen, b. 6 Apr 1848, Lumijoki. Family wants to know who their parents were. I tried HisKi, but data isn't available for those years. Can anyone help. I was told that one of their daughters was the mother of Mayme Sevander, deceased. Years ago I was in contact with Mayme re the books she wrote... wish I had known something about her ancestry then. I remember she lived in Superior, WI

Karen Norwillo
12-02-12, 16:30
Found Caisa Sophia on Family Search and Hiski.
Catharina Sophia Soronen 6 Apr 1848 Ylikiiminki, Oulu, Finland. father Henric Soronen mother Brita Caisa.

marriage Ylikiiminki 24.3.1832 Henrik Henriksson Soronen and Brita Caisa Suua

other births for this couple
22.11.1833 Henrik
17.2.1837 Johan
Unfortunately, books don't go far enough.
No Alalauri or Lauri found in Oulu.

June Pelo
12-02-12, 17:46
Thanks, Karen. That Alalauri has been a puzzle for many years and no one has been able to find them.. I'm not sure what the problem is. I think they need to find Mayme Sevander's genealogy and work through her mother's family...

Karen Norwillo
12-02-12, 19:11
Wasn't able to find that name at all on Hiski. Closest I got was Ala-Laurila and Laurila.

June Pelo
12-02-12, 19:17
I also had that thought.. could Lauri be the same as Laurila... maybe someday we'll find out..

12-02-12, 20:40

Lauri Antti died 16.11.1922 in Lumijoki
spouse Kaisa (Soronen) Lauri


Matti Antinp
Antti Antinp
Maria Sofia Antint
Kustaa Antinp
Anna Antint "Amerikassa" - in America
Kaisa Antint

Antti is mentioned to be "elatusmies" obviously same as "syytinkiläinen".

I think this is Antti's parents and siblings

Laurila Matti Heikinp farmer, died 28.1.1849 in Lumijoki
spouse Reeta Heikint


Jaakko Matinp 10 years
Heikki Matinp 3 years
Antti Matinp 4 months <------ if this is "the Antti" he was born in 1848 and could have been 4 months when the inventory of estate of his father was made
Maria Matint


12-02-12, 21:03
Soronen in Ylikiimiki

24.3.1832 B.s. Henr. Henr.s. Soronen P. Brita Caisa Suua

22.11.1833 B.s. Henrih Soronen Brita Caisa 29 Henrih
17.2.1837 B.s. Henric Soronen Brita Caisa 27 Johan
7.12.1839 B.s. Henric Soronen Brita 31 Oskar
1.8.1842 Bd. Henric Soronen Brita 32 Jeremias
22.6.1845 Bd. Henric Soronen Brita 35 Greta Lisa
6.4.1848 Bd. Henric Soronen Brita Caisa 38 Cathar. Sophia

See also http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=7505073

Heikki Soronen. Birth 12.12.1808 Ylikiiminki.

Father Heikki Soronen. Birth 11.10.1779 Ylikiiminki. Died as widow at the age of 80 25.02.1860 Ylikiiminki. Farmer, Soronen, nr 18. –Spouse 22.03.1805 Ylikiiminki Marketta Tuomaant Kylmänen. Birth 17.11.1783 Ylikiiminki. Death 27.07.1848 Ylikiiminki. Kylmänen family lived also in Siltakoski farm.


Liisa Soronen. Birth 27.02.1806 Ylikiiminki. Died at the age of 61 05.07.1867 Ylikiiminki. <---- my grandfather's grandfather's mother
Anna Marketta Soronen. Birth 21.09.1807 Ylikiiminki.
Heikki Soronen. Birth 12.12.1808 Ylikiiminki.
Erkki Soronen. Birth 07.05.1817 Ylikiiminki.
Tuomas Soronen. Birth 28.03.1822 Ylikiiminki.

See also http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?8130-Lumijoki-death-records&p=34574#post34574


June Pelo
12-02-12, 23:15

Thank you for finding all that info. I going to write to Anna's relatives and tell them the mystery of her origins has been solved after many years of searching. It's interesting to note that the Kaisa listed below Anna's name above could be the woman who married Oskar Corgan.. parents of Mayme Corgan Sevander.

12-02-12, 23:49
Hi June,

This catalogue of inventory of estates (I don't know what is the correct word) has been available for 10 or 20 years but only hand written.
Quite hard to find information. Now it is almost totally in Excel format -> searches are very easy.

I must mention also this family - maybe somehow connected with this previous Lauri-family.
First I thougt he could be Antti's brother but he is not mentioned in father's inventory.

Lauri Matti farmer, died 23.4.1916 in Lumijoki, surname later also Kangas
spouse Riitta Liisa (died 13.12.1924)


Juho Matinp torppari, in Lumijoki
Karlberg Maria Liisa Matint (Lauri) "in America" spouse Juho Karlberg
Jaakko Matinp "in America" b. 2.4.1885
Reeta Matint b. 12.5.1895
Kaarlo Matinp b. 15.3.1897
Martta Lovisa Matint b. 19.12.1900


June Pelo
12-02-12, 23:55

Anna Lauri was married to Otto Johansson Pelo who took the Newman name in the US, 1886-1963. She was his second wife.

I checked my database for the family you just posted, but I don't have those names. But other family members may have more info.. I'll forward it on to them. Thanks.