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13-02-12, 18:20
Hello again,
Solja, I have been trying to find the father in hiski who was listed as Jacob Grön in the rippikirja. He is not there. I found a Jacob born in Sept. 1836 listed in #81 syntyneet for Alajärvi, however, I can not see the father's name there, it's very hard to read. Also, when you sent me the information telling me this is obviously Jacob Grön's family, I can see a Jacob born 15.9.1836, but, the name Grön is not listed anywhere.....I see that Sihtala is there, which I found is a farm name....I'm wondering how you're concluding that this is the Grön family? Also, I found that the mother Anna Johanssdotters' surname is Kuckola in the records for Perho, not Pokela, that was listed in the rippikirja. The person who is inquiring about this family is asking questions too, and, I would like to be able to explain things to her.

13-02-12, 23:44
Alajärvi rippikirja, 1835-1843, Anttila farm, nr 6, photo 114

Jacob Mattson Anttila, former Sihtala (or Sittala or Sissala) b. 2.12.1784 in rippikirja
2nd spouse Susana Davidsdr Lillhök b. 20.4.1805

Susanna's birth:
20.4.1805 Kurenj. Lillhök David Anderss. Susanna Isaksdr Susanna

1st spouse Maria Eriksdr Sihtala b. 1.10.1794

9.11.1810 B.s. Jacob Mattss. Hörii B.dr. Maria Eriksdr. Kurenj. Sihtala

14.8.1815 15.8.1815 Kurenj. Sihtala Jacob Mats. Maria Ersd Jacob
22.9.1816 22.9.1816 Kurenj. Siktala Jacob Matson Maria Eriksd Johan
1.8.1819 1.8.1819 Kurenj. Sihtala Jacob Matss. Maria Eriksd Gustaf
19.10.1820 22.10.1820 Kurenj. Sihtala Jacob Matss. Maria Eriksd Maria
1.12.1821 2.12.1821 Kurenj. Sihtala Jacob Matss. Maria Eriksd David
9.5.1823 11.5.1823 Kurenj. Sihtala Jacob Matss. Maria Eriksd Jonas

Spouse Maria died 16.11.1824 Kurenj. Sihtala Maria Eriksd:r blodgång age 30

31.5.1825 B.änkl. Jacob Matss. Sihtala B.dr. Susan:a Dav:dr. Kurenj. Lillhöck

2.9.1826 3.9.1826 Kurenj. Sihttala Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd Mats
1.8.1828 3.8.1828 Kurenj. Sihtala Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd Herman
26.6.1830 27.6.1830 Kurenj. Antila Sex. Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd Johan
1.8.1832 3.8.1832 Kurenj. Antila Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd David
8.11.1833 10.11.1833 Kurenj. Antila Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd Maria
15.9.1836 18.9.1836 Antila Sexm. Jacob Matss. Susanna Davidsd 31 Jacob
18.9.1839 22.9.1839 Anttila Bd. Jacob Mattss. Susanna Davidsd Lovisa

Alajärvi rippikirja, 1843-1849, photo 108 - Jacob Jacobson Anttila's birth date changes from 15.9. -> 16.9.

Alajärvi rippikirja, 1850-1856, photo 142 - Jacob Jacobson Anttila is said to be a soldier - his soldier name was Grön.


14-02-12, 01:02
Roger - haven't you noticed that surnames change very often in Finland?

If person is born with one surname, it doesn't mean she/he will have the same name forever.
But this one can be easily explained.

Perho rippikirja, 1834-1841, photo 10

Kuckola Johan Johanson b. 20.6.1798
spouse Anna Andersdr b. 26.8.1796

more children than mentioned here
5.4.1829 12.4.1829 Bd. Johan Kuckola Anna And. d:r Matts
6.3.1831 13.3.1831 Bd. Johan Kuckola Anna Anders d:r Maria
24.12.1834 28.12.1834 Bd. Johan Kuckola Anna Caisa
26.4.1837 30.4.1837 Bd. Johan Kuckola Anna Anna
16.6.1839 23.6.1839 Bd. Johan Kuckola Anna And.d:r Stina

This is Anna's first marriage in Vimpeli

17.4.1857 B.s. Matts Ericss: Pokela Tj.p. Anna Joh:dr Kukkola - husband died 1865, three of their children died, too.
Looks like only son Johan (b. 18.2.1863) survived. They moved to Alajärvi 1.2.1867. Obviously also Johan died, because is not mentioned with the new Anttila/Aho/Grön family.
Vilhelmina was born in Jaakko's first marriage.


14-02-12, 18:24
Hello Solja,
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be critical of you, I'm very thankful that you have sent so much information, especially the explanation about the "soldier name" Grön...I remember someone in the past mentioning that men would have a different name while they were in the army, I assume it was the Swedish army...Now, I'm wondering why this was done? It just seems so strange.
Thanks again for your help!

June Pelo
15-02-12, 01:11

Here's an explanation of the soldier names in Finland:
Soldier names were derived and not generally related to the person in any way. When a soldier joined the military he needed a name. If his father had been a soldier, he might take the same soldier name his father had. If he was taking over the military cottage from a retiring soldier, he might take the retiring soldier's name. In some cases he might have a name he likes the sound of. If he had no idea what name to take, then the one registering him in the military records would assign him a name. These names belonged to the soldier. Sometimes in the 19th century other family members used the name of their father, but generally the children would use a patronymic and the soldier name did not automatically transfer to the children.

Often in researching a military family the greatest challenge is to learn what the patronymic name of the soldier was before he joined the military. Sometimes the patronymic and military name are both listed in the first few years after he joins and only in a record of marriage or birth of a first child.