View Full Version : FAMILY REUNION 2012, Levälä Family

13-02-12, 17:25
The Levälä family members are invited to join at a Family Reunion taking place in
Nykarleby, Finland on Sunday July 15, 2012 between 10.00 and 17.00 hrs. All family
branches are welcome to take part.
The program starts with Worship in Nykarleby Sankta Birgitta Chuch at 10.00 hrs. Lunch is served at 11.30 in the Stjärnhallen. Words of welcome by Jan-Erik Levlin, chairman of the board at 13.00 hrs followed by brass music, main address by DscTech Bruno Bärs, presentation of the new genealogical study on the Bärs family branch, sing along, open forum and a coffee break. Around 1600 hrs a visit to the cemetery of Nykarleby will take place guided by Bo Kronqvist. Literature on the Levälä family and other historical books can be purchased throughout the day.
Registration should be made prior to June 15 either by submitting the registration form to be found in this paper or by e-mail to Christer Levlin <christer.levlin*gmail.com>. Please list the full name and the age of all participants. Instructions regarding payment of the participation fee of 20 euros per person (children under 12 years 10 euros) equivalent to appr. USD 26 and USD 13 respectively, can be found in the registration form in this paper.
Please make your relatives aware of the possibility to join! Many of them do nor receive this paper. Levälä is also on Facebook and has a home page of its own, www.levala.fi.
Welcome to the Family Reunion!