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07-09-03, 18:39
for some time I have tried to track Johannes Friman, a brother of my ggrandmother.
He was born in Lovisa 1854 august 16.
In our family it has been said that he made it to San Francisco, that he had a family, but after a major earthquake letters did not come any more.
I have found some sites with victims, but have not found him. I have also tried some imigration sites without success.
In the husförhörslängd of Lovisa there is a note that he left for Russia 1871.
Who can help?

08-09-03, 17:11
Hi Sten-Hermann,
I looked in the 1900 & 1910 census for your Johannes Friman but was unable to locate him. You mentioned he had a family. If you could let me know what his wife's name was I could search for her. That may verify the time period he may have died. I'm not a history expert but I think the "great" San Francisco earthquake was in 1906 or 1909.

08-09-03, 18:10
I think you are right, the great earthquake was in april 1906. Unfortunately I have no evidence that Johannnes Friman had family and so I don't have any futher names. It is what has been said in our family that he was married after he had left Finland. I am not sure children were ever mentioned. This is the meager knowledge I have so far.