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06-02-04, 17:55
Hi Everybody!
We will be in FinnFest 2004 Tori or educational exhibit (ff04 staff haven't yet informed us where) with 12 panels on Swedish Finns in America: "What Did Finland Give the US? Ingenuity, courage, hard work, vision and drive" Dates are Feb 11-15 in Fort Worth Florida.
Over 50 immigrants and their destinies are featured with as many images as I could find. Swedish Finnish immigration began in 1638 to New Sweden on the Delaware, continued via Russia to Alaska, and then "Amerika". Thanks to Erik Hermans of NORDEN, and June Pelo of Finlander for a lot of names!

Come by and see us! Stop and say Hello/Hej! And to give us your family and friend's stories, recommendations for names, etc.

Syrene and Don Forsman, Judy and George Miller
Exhibit staff for The Swedish Finn Historical Society

06-02-04, 18:45
Syrene, is it Fort Worth or Lake Worth? I've never heard of Fort Worth, not that I'm an expert on Florida cities :)

06-02-04, 19:41
thanks, Kevin,
and hope to see you in LAKE Worth. Oops. I am really losing it with still some 300 pieces of paper to glue in place before the exhibit gets laminated today! Made my husband breakfast automatic coffee with no grounds. Did he like it NOT.

Jim Bailey
06-02-04, 19:52
Hi, Syrene ----

You mention "over 50 immigrants and their destinies" and "as many images as I could find".

Any chance you might generate a book out of this? I've recently purchased a history-picture book for Greenfield, IN, and also one for Steuben County, IN, where our lake place is.

Yesterday, I just received History of Finns in Michigan, Strangers and Sojourners (the Keweenaw Peninsula), and the History of Logging in Michigan. They all have wonderful photos.

In most cases, I don't know the people, but it's great to see the images.

07-02-04, 03:29
Hi Jim,
You know, Erik Hermans said the same thing. And he gave me 80% of the names!!! But he doesn't want to write the book. Actually I am very visual, and putting together 12 big panels is fun... well, it wasn't so much fun today when the rubber hit the road so to speak, but everyone on the exhibit staff is so helpful, that we're nearly ready to step on the plane early Wednesday morning. So maybe I am not the correct person to write a book either. Maybe Hasse's suggestion of an interactive archive, where oral histories, pictures, and so forth would be recorded around any topic, then made accessible to members of the website. What do you think? It would be an ever-growing work about Swedish Finns? Or maybe a CD? Are we all able to work these darn computers?

Or is a book still a comforting thing to hold in our hands, or refer to?

07-02-04, 11:24
Syrene & Jim

The on-line "Delphi" will be a way to collect stories and information to an on-line reference collection where verybody interested can and should participate. There is no reason why one at a later stage couldn't collect some of the material into book form afterwards. Making a book isn't that hard nowadays if the material exists and there is somebody to edit/participate in the editing the material into a readable book.

The first step is however to collect the material, after that one can think about if there is a need to give it the shape of a book - either on paper or to en e-book.

Nevertheless - even tough the material would be collected on-line and displayed on-line there will always be the need to store copies of the material off-line. I don't dare to rely on computers as the end-storage of anything. But - in the collection phase and for display the computers are the right way imho.

Jim Bailey
07-02-04, 16:58
Hej, Hasse ---

Sounds good to me! I'll be glad to contribute stories and other things. Just the other night, I was telling Chuck Maki a family story but in a private note. He wrote back that I should offer it to the Stories and Anecdotes section somewhere. And, yes, I do have a few other stories on the immigration and settlement of my family in Michigan and Wisconsin, and I'm typing them into my FamilyTreeMaker.

I also have a lot of old photos, some of which are identifiable and others that are not. Two of them show my grandfather and great-grandfather at work in the lumber camps. I must get them scanned and available to others in digital format.

Lastly, I have my grandparents large (about 2' by 1&1/2') Wisconsin marriage certificate in Swedish, a passport from 1892, and some old books with stories and photos ... example: Kyrkan och immigranterna, a Swede-Finn cookbook published in Metropolitan, Michigan, and old songbooks.

And, just a few days ago, while surfing the Internet, I purchased Memorabilia: Minneskrift of the International Runeberg 1898-1968: In Words and Pictures. It has lists of members and photos that could be digitized and shared, if that were desirable.

I'm sure that others on Finlander have even more.

You, Syrene, and everyone else have a great weekend.