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15-02-12, 20:45
I am searching for information about my great grandfather Johan Henrik Smolander born March 4, 1854 (where?) died Jan. 20, 1905 Tuusniemi. The information below is what I received from a virkatodistus from Tuusniemi parish many years ago:

Johan was married Aug. 26, 1877 Kaavi to Greta Maria Antintytär Pietarinen. Greta was born Oct.29, 1852 Kaavi; died Nov. 2, 1921 Tuusniemi. They moved from Kaavi, Säyneinen farm to Tuusniemi in 1880 with their first born son Henrik Otto Smolander born June 8, 1878 Kaavi. Their other 6 children were born in Tuusniemi, Ohtaanniemi:
Johan Michel b. Aug.4, 1881
Hilma Maria b. Aug. 1, 1883
Briitta Katri b. Apr. 1, 1887
Ida b. Nov. 10, 1889
Antti b. May 28, 1892
Anna Alina b. Sept. 26, 1896

I would like to find Johan's birthplace and his parents and other siblings. I have searched the records at SSHY and found Johan's marriage, his confirmation (at age 23? in 1877), confirmation of his first son born in Kaavi, as well as the date of their move to Tuusniemi.
I also searched Hiski and could not find his birth record. I was able to only find one "Johan Henrik"... born March 4, 1854 in Polvijärvi and parents were listed as Henrik Miettinen and Margareta Kallinen. Could it be the man I am searching for?

I have also sent 2 emails to a Smolander Society, but have never heard back from them.

Any suggestions?


16-02-12, 13:25
Hi Riitta!

I saw your post also at familysearch and the reply https://www.familysearch.org/learn/forums/en/showpost.php?p=50567&postcount=3

Like you have noticed the most important documents that could solve this mystery are not available yet in internet (sshy or http://digi.narc.fi/digi/?lang=fi_FI databases)

Maybe it would be useful to look closer the godparents - kummit.
They are very important and usually close relatives.


4.8.1881 Ohtaniemi 16 Torp. Johan Smolander Greta Pietarinen 28 Johan Michel
kummit Tal. David Smolander - T:tr Maria Hartikainen

1.8.1883 Oht: 16 Torp: Johan Smolander Gr: Maria Pietarinen 31 Hilma Maria (lk. lehti 364)
kummit renki Johan Hiltunen - Adam Keinänen - Tp. tyt: Maria Miettinen - Katri Halonen

1.4.1887 Ohtainiemi tms: Juh: Smolander Greta Mari Pietarinen 30 Briitta Katri (lk. lehti 171)
kummit R:k Adam Järveläinen - Pk Agatha Vilh: Siippainen

10.11.1889 Ohtaanniemi Lois Juho Heikki Smolander vaim. Greta Maria Pietarinen 37 Ida (lk. lehti 171)
kummit Talp. Matti Smolander & vaim. Katri

28.5.1892 Ohtainn: Nr 13 trp: Joh: Smolander Greta Mari Pietarinen 40 Anders (lk. lehti 424)
kummit renki Olli Partanen - lois Lena Heikkinen

26.9.1896 Ohtain: lois Juho Smolander Greta Mari Pietarinen 44 Anna Alina (kk. lehti 424)
kummit lois Sakari Smolander - vm Karolina Turunen

23.10.1840 Ohtanniemi N:16 B:n Petter Smolander Cajsa Stina Hardikainen 22 Johan Petter
kummit Henrik Smolander - Agneta Smolander

23.12.1842 Ohtanniemi N:16 B:de s:n Pehr Smolander Cath. Hardikain 24 Michel
kummit Henr. Smolander - Agneta Smolander

15.1.1845 Ohtanniemi N:16 Bs. Pehr Smolander Catharina Christina Hardikain 27 Anna Lisa
kummit Henric Hildunen - Maria Fougdilain

21.6.1846 Ohtanniemi N:16 B:n Petter Smolander Kajsa Stina Hardikainen 28 Olof
kummit Petter Smolander - Agneta Smolander

6.2.1849 Ohtanniemi N:16 B:n Petter Smolander Kajsa Hartikainen 32 Henrik
kummit Michel Laakkonen - Maria Smolander

13.6.1851 Ohtanniemi N:16 B:n Petter Smolander Kajsa Hartikainen 33 Anders
kummit Johan Holopain - Anna Holopain

14.12.1853 Ohtanniemi N:16 B:des Petter Smolander Kajsa Hartikainen 35 Anna Stina
kummit Petter Smolander - Kajsa Stina Smolander

6.3.1856 Ohtaanniemi N:16 B:n Petter Smolander Kaisa Hartikainen 38 Agneta Sofia
kummit Bertil Hartikainen - Anna Rahunen

5.11.1858 Ohtanniemi N:16 Bd:n Petter Andersson Smolander Kath. Krist. Hartikainen 40 Matts
kummit Petter Smolander - Bd:r Cecilia Smolander

7.5.1861 Ohtanniem B:n Petter Smolander Kath. Kristina Hardikainen 43 David
kummit B:n David Hardikainen - Bh:u Maria Smolander

Just coincidence?


16-02-12, 13:42
This I found also

Cecilia Holopainen, b. 29.8.1811 Kiukoonniemi, d. 12.11.1856 Vehkalahti, Nilsiä.
Spouse: Olof Olofs Smolander, b. 18.8.1809 Tuusniemi

1: Olof Smolander, b. 9.4.1833 Tuusniemi
1: Anders Smolander, b. 21.12.1835 Tuusniemi
1: Anna Maria Smolander, b. 8.2.1838 Tuusniemi
1: Peter Smolander, b. 28.10.1839 Tuusniemi
1: Christina Smolander, b. 6.2.1842 Tuusniemi
1: Johan Henrik Smolander, b. 30.3.1845 Nilsiä
1: Eva Kaisa Smolander, b. 22.1.1848 Nilsiä

What happened when wife Cecilia died? Did the family return from Nilsiä to Tuusniemi?
And a mistake in Johan's birthday? Hmmm... maybe not :-(


16-02-12, 18:28
Thanks Sola!
I never did consider the godparents as a clue. I also wonder why Johan's birth place, as well as the names of his parents were not included in the virkatodistus. I did ask for the names of his parents and any siblings to be included. That is why I concluded (and I know I should not!) that he was not from either Kaavi or Tuusniemi.
Perhaps, with further digging, I can find a clue from the godparents.


16-02-12, 18:31
I wondered about this Johan born 1845, but with the other supporting data regarding my Johan's marriage and birth of first son with all the same birth date of March 4, 1854, I ruled out the Johan born 1845.
Thanks for taking a look!


16-02-12, 20:18
why Johan's birth place, as well as the names of his parents were not included in the virkatodistus. I did ask for the names of his parents and any siblings to be included. That is why I concluded (and I know I should not!) that he was not from either Kaavi or Tuusniemi.

Yes, maybe he was not from either Kaavi or Tuusniemi. Or sometimes there can be fragmentation or lacking in parish documentation and they just cannot find the right information. Somehow I feel these Smolanders in Ohtaniemi, Tuusniemi are his relatives.

There is Voutilainen-Smolander family society http://www.kolumbus.fi/wssuku/ - contact information http://www.kolumbus.fi/wssuku/yhteystiedot.html

Maybe they could know something about your Johan? If you want, I could contact them also in Finnish.


17-02-12, 17:07
Hei Solja,
Thank you for your kind offer to contact this society. Perhaps you will have more success corresponding with them in finnish than I have had corresponding in english (my written finnish is not very good). I sent an email several weeks ago to their "sukutietojen tallentaja" and also mailed 2 letters to the society many years ago with no reply :(
If they have a published book with connections to my family, I would certainly purchase it!
Thank you again.

17-02-12, 21:05
Ok, I have sent an e-mail to several persons mentioned on their web pages.
Got a reply that they will check their family database.

Thumbs up :-)


19-02-12, 13:56
Thanks! Let's hope they have some good news :)


24-02-12, 11:15
I got this reply from Smolander-Voutilainen/sukutietojen tallentaja (database manager) Päivi Komulainen:

" Katsoin tiedustelemianne henkilöitä sukutietokannastamme eikä heitä ollut siellä. Siitä huolimatta perhe kuuluu Voutilaisten-Smolanderien sukuun. Tietokantammehan on muodostunut sukulaisten sinne lähettämistä, usein varsin satunnaisista tiedoista. Itse en tiedä nimetä henkilöitä, jotka tutkisivat sukuamme systemaattisesti. "

" I checked these people from our database and did not find them. In spite of that they belong to Voutilainen-Smolander family. Our database consists of random information sent by relatives. Personally I cannot name any people who would have researched our family systematically. "

So not much help. Looks like we'll have to wait till those documents now missing will come available in internet.

There is also a request on SukuForum http://suku.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?t=16927&highlight=smolander
Total 79 have read it, but nobody answered yet.


24-02-12, 14:09
Thank you very much for all your efforts in trying to find my great grandfather's family! Yes, I will have to wait for those documents to become available online! I will move on to another branch :)

28-02-12, 22:15
Riitta - looks like the Smolander mystery has been solved - see http://suku.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?t=16927&highlight=smolander - it is 2 pages long.

Do you need a translation?


29-02-12, 02:40
Oh my goodness!! I honestly did not think I would get an answer so quickly!
I understand the general idea of what these 2 pages say, but having it correctly translated would be great! If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate the translation! That way I can more easily understand exactly how things happened!
Thank you so much solja! Once I receive the translation, I will call my father and let him know about his grandfather.
And a big kiitos to the gentlemen involved in helping :) :)