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June Pelo
17-02-12, 03:53
I have a query from Finland concerning Oscar Andersson Skytte, b. 26 Jan 1881, Terjärv.. came to the US ...was in WI in 1900 visiting, and then the family learned he was working in Coos River, OR at a quarry there. Then they got word that he died there in Nov 1901.. they never heard anything about why he died. They asked if anything can be found about him.

17-02-12, 08:20
A quick look in the census listings: He is found in the census listing at ancestry.com in 1900 as can be seen in the attached image.

June Pelo
17-02-12, 14:44
Thanks Hasse. I'm hoping someone can find his death record and cause of death.

June Pelo
21-02-12, 23:01
I noticed that Börje Westö noted that Oscar Skytte died from an accident.. but didn't indicate where or what happened. So I guess that ends this search.