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June Pelo
20-02-12, 17:32
Is it possible to find the ancestors of this couple:

Vihtori Koivisto, b. 3 Jan 1860, Soudenniemi, married 31 Aug 1882, Kiikka, to Karolina Josefina Leppanen, b. 20 May 1864. That's all the info. I have about them.. think they had 11 children, one of them was Impi Sofia, b. Mar 1894 in Mouhijärvi.

June Pelo
20-02-12, 17:37
I should have added this:

Impi Sofia was married 1924 in Hibbing, MN to Izak Verner Mickelsson Ponga-Peterson, b. 1886, Karungi, Sweden... he was the son of Mickel Pongala-Ponga, b. 1848 in Alatornia, Oulu... can parents be found for him?

Karen Norwillo
21-02-12, 15:39
I searched FFHA for these people in the places you give, but I don't find any of them. The only Mickel I found born in Alatornio in 1848 was born 29.5.1848 to Johan Petter Korpijärvi and Maria. He died 18.6.1848. I did not find Vihtori in Soudenniemi in 1860 or Karolina Josefina in 1864 in Kiikka. There is a 1882 marriage for a Henrik Viktor Heikinpoika Koivisto, but the entry is very hard to read.

Jaska Sarell
21-02-12, 16:29
There is a 1882 marriage for a Henrik Viktor Heikinpoika Koivisto, but the entry is very hard to read.
13 Dec 1882 Reading the bride's name as: suutarintytär (shoemaker's daughter) Hilma Kristiina Hellman.
Doesn't make a match :confused:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
21-02-12, 16:57
Thanks Karen and Jaska.. I'll tell them their information to me doesn't seem to be correct..

Karen Norwillo
21-02-12, 20:41
Thanks, Jaska. That's what I was seeing on that marriage, but I wasn't sure. As you said, it's hard to read.
June, here's Impi's birth in Mouhijärvi.

June Pelo
21-02-12, 21:02
Thanks, Karen. At least they had one bit of correct info. about Impi.

Karen Norwillo
21-02-12, 21:49
On Family Search, I found
Michael Ponga born 3 Sep 1848 Ylitornio, Lappi, Finland to Pehr Ponga and Elisabet Marg. Nilsdotter. Finland-ODM 55719
Sweden Marriages, Michel Pehrsson Ponka 1848 and Mathilda Abrahamsdr Rowa 1854 married 30 Jan 1876 Norbotten, Sweden. Sweden-EASY 201126 bk 1.
MI Marriages, Gustaf Waara 1889 Sweden and Hilma Ponga 1890 Sweden married 6 Apr 1912 South Range, Houghton, MI. Groom's parents, Isaac W Waara and Hilda Simo. Bride's parents, Mikko Ponga and Tilda Rova.
Does this sound like it could be the right family?

Karen Norwillo
21-02-12, 22:13
Here's Michael Ponga's birth and the 1847-1854 rippi for Ponga. Also Hilma Ponga's arrival to US and Impi Sofia's arrival. Note Michael had a brother Isaac. Maybe that's why he named his son Isaac. Michael Ponga would be Pehrsson (Petersson)

Jaska Sarell
21-02-12, 22:58
According to Mouhijärvi CB 1892-1901 (image (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=11346&pnum=459)) and 1882-1891 (image (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=11345&pnum=274))
Viktor Iisakinpoika Koivisto was born 1 Mar 1860 in Suodenniemi and Karolina Josefina Leppänen was born 20 May 1864 in Kiikoinen. They were married in Mouhijärvi on 31 Aug 1882.
Thanks to Karen, they could be spotted. Minor errors only in given details.
Wictor's true birthday in birth records of Suodenniemi is 8 Mar 1860 (link (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/suodenniemi/syntyneet_1852-1886_mko181-188/42.htm))
Parents: Isak Immanuel Henriksson b. 22 Aug 1838 in Suodenniemi and Maria Fredrika Johansdr b. 10 May 1833 in Ikaalinen. Both births can also be found in HisKi.
Karolina Josefina was born illegitimate 20 May 1864 (link (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/kiikoinen/syntyneet_1853-1870_mko14-17/63.htm)) to Wilhelmina Karolina Isaksdr (Leppäkoski), b. 25 Dec 1842 in Kiikka. Her birth is also in HisKi.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
22-02-12, 00:53

Thank you for all that info.. you and Karen make a good research team.. :)

June Pelo
24-02-12, 21:14
Irene thanks you all for finding her Ponga and Koivisto ancestors.. they had a problem enlarging the records so they could read them.. I just re-sent them and hope they're legible now..