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26-02-12, 03:55
Seeking information on ancestors of Oscar Isaacson, born about 1880 in Sweden, son of Carl Isaacson (born August 1840) and Minnie (surname unknnown, born March 1844). Also Oscar's wife, Emelia Salonen, born about 1884 in Finland. Oscar and Emelia were married after coming to America, settled in Duluth, Minnesota, where they had two known children: birthdate and sex of first child is not known; second child is daughter Elsie Emelia Isaacson born 24 November 1910 in Duluth. She was adopted by a family named Hill. She married John Felix Hakamaki and they lived in the Carlton County area of Minnesota. Elsie died in 1943 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Karen Norwillo
26-02-12, 23:08
Found on MN Birth Index: Ellen Caroline Isaacson born 23 Mar 1908 St Louis county, MN. Mother's maiden name Salonen. Cert ID # 1908-32883A. Found a Emelia Salonen left Finland 30.09.1903 destination Fitchburg, MA with Impi Salonen. John Felix Hakamaki born 29 Nov 1901 MN-died Jan 1987. He and Elsie Emelia Isaacson Hakamaki, died 7 Aug 1943, are buried in Eagel Lake Cemetery Cromwell, Carlton, MN.

27-02-12, 04:26
Many thanks Karen. Appreciate your help.

27-02-12, 10:44
Found this in Sveriges befolknig 1890 CD-ROM. Sweden's population 1890 Cd-ROM

Isaksson, Carl Johan 1840 Far
Carlsdotter, Mina Christina 1844 Mor
(Barn), Sofia Christina 1867 Barn
(Barn), August Emil Albert 1869 Barn
(Barn), Ottilia Theolinda 1872 Barn
(Barn), Johan Victor Gottfrid 1875 Barn
(Barn), Per Alfred Hugo 1877 Barn
(Barn), Oskar Herman Theodor 1880 Barn
(Barn), Anna Julia Victoria 1883 Barn

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Isaksson, Carl Johan
f.d. Landthandlande

f. 1840 i Åseda (Kronobergs län, Småland)

Gift man, far i familjen

Personer som icke hafva stadig hemvist skrifna på Socken
Fagerhult (Kalmar län, Småland)

Födelseort i källan: Åsheda Kr. L.

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Carlsdotter, Mina Christina

f. 1844 i Fagerhult (Kalmar län, Småland)

Gift kvinna, mor i familjen

Personer som icke hafva stadig hemvist skrifna på Socken
Fagerhult (Kalmar län, Småland)

Födelseort i källan: Fagerhult


Karen Norwillo
27-02-12, 15:58
I found one birth on Hiski for an Emelia Salonen born Jyväskylä 1.7.1883 in Heiskan village, Syvälahden Kattila-ahosta 208 to trpm Matti Salonen and Karolina Mikontytär. This is the only one I found searching with year span 1880-1885. Don't know if this is the correct Emelia.
I don't know if the Emelia I found going to Fitchburg in 1903 is yours. I'm beginning to doubt it. I think it's just a case of same name.
Attached is Oskar's birth record from churchbook.

28-02-12, 03:07
Again, thanks for the help, really appreciate everything.

D J Granlund
28-02-12, 15:02
If your searches take you to the southern area of Sweden, a good and free site to visit is DDSS.nu. It was a great resource for me when doing my wife's genealogy.