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26-02-12, 18:56
Hello members,
I recently found information in Hiski for a person whose ancestors came from Sakkijärvi in the region that was ceded to Russia after the Winter War. She has asked me if it is possible to get an address so that she write to the parish there. I have told her that I didn't think so, but, I thought I would ask you if there is a way for her to contact the church, if it's still there. Am I correct in saying that many of the church records were sent to parishes in Finland?

Jaska Sarell
26-02-12, 19:21
They were moved to Provincial Archives of Mikkeli (http://www.arkisto.fi/en/arkistolaitos/maakunta-arkistot/mikkelin-maakunta-arkisto/).

:) Jaska

27-02-12, 20:58
Thank you Jaska! I will pass this information on to the woman who requested it.