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A-M Löfdahl
07-02-04, 22:01
Alaska Moonlight Waltz

Alaska Moonlight Waltz by Carl W Fridlund
was published by Victor Baddar 2200½ 1st Ave., Seattle, Washington in 1935.

Who was Victor Baddar; was he also a immigrant from Finland?
Was this his profession?


08-02-04, 16:06
Baddar was a very common name in Malax. There are many Baddars among the descendants of Daniel Kiöping - book no 1, but no suitable Victor. All Baddars I know came from Malax, and you could try to ask Leo Hallbäck: leo.hallback%40pp.qnet.fi. He might know more Baddar people.
Ulla Höglund

08-02-04, 18:04
Ann-Marie, I don't know if this is the same guy or not but I found this in the Social Security Death Index. I couldn't find an appropriate Victor in the 1900 or 1910 census. Maybe someone with access to the 1930 census index could check.

535-07-4169 (social sec #)
WA (place of issue = Washington state)
4 Oct 1892 (date of birth)
Jun 1966 (date of death)
WA Anacortes, Washington 98221 (last known residence)

08-02-04, 19:00
My parents knew Vic and Hilma, however they never said anything about Vic's pubishing music. When I was about 5 they lived in north Seattle. Mother used to say when we drove through Woodway and passed the old Best Mansion that Hilma was their housekeeper and Vic lived there with her. He had been in logging, I believe. Then they moved up to Anacortes where Vic worked in the plywood company. That's where they both died, I think. Vic 25 June, 1966 in Everett, it says in the Order of Runeberg obituaries. He was probably in a hospital or rest home at that time. Joelle Steele has a photo of her relatives with Vic in the background in her family "book". You might ask her to send you a digitized copy. I think Dick Erickson said he remembers them from when his family lived in Anacortes.
Good luck,

A-M Löfdahl
10-02-04, 19:52
Tack Ulla, jag ska kolla med Leo!

Is it possible to find out if he published some more music?
Did Vic have children?

Thank you!