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28-02-12, 13:11
Can you tell me in which census you found information about Chisholm MN?

Also a birth date for Olga Honkonen.

I tried searching but i have been unable to find anything on Olga, Eino or Kaisa Niemi.


28-02-12, 17:01

Not certain what you are looking for, but attached are the following:

Institute of Migration Passport and Passenger Information for Olga Maria Honkonen, who went to Hibbing, MN in 1907.

1907 Passenger List for SS Baltic, which shows she was born in Huittinen (line 19). It says she was going to join father Frans Honkonen, Chisholm, MN. But most likely, that was her brother.

Olga Maria, born 8.12.1884, Huittinen Birth Record

Huittinen Rippikirja, 1894-1903, showing Olga Maria; brother Frans Alekander, born 11.2.1882; and father Frans Vihtori Honkonen, born 22.11.1857. This page shows that Frans Aleksander went to Amerikka in 1902

Institute of Migration Passport Information, Frans Aleksander Honkonen

28-02-12, 17:22
1920 US Census: Olga Niemi, age 35, born Finland; daughters Alfreda and Aoga?; son Eino, Great Scott Township, St. Louis County, MN

1930 US Census shows Olga M. Niemi, age 45, born Finland, widow; sons Eugene and Eino; Kinney Village, St. Louis County, MN

Minnesota Death Index shows that Olga Mary Niemi, born 8.12.1884, Out of State; died 11.4.1971, St. Louis County, MN

Karen Norwillo
28-02-12, 20:53
From the Minnesota Birth and Death Indexes
Enne Alfrida Niemi born 23 Jul 1911 mmn Honkonen St Louis county, MN cert# DC-68317
Eugene Rajaniemi Niemi 18 Oct 1913 cert#DC-69574, same mother's maiden name, died 27 Jul 1965 St Louis county, MN
Frank Eino Niemi 27 Aug 1915 cert# 1915-31563 St Louis county, MN, mmn misspelled Hankonen
Have not found the second daughter
Olga Honkonen Niemi found on Virginia county, MN Naturalizations reel 32, code 250, vol 19, page 132.
By the way, who is Kaisa Niemi? What relationship to this family?

Karen Norwillo
28-02-12, 21:40
Frank Eino Niemi died 30 Sep 1980 in Janesville, Waseca, MN
From a family tree on Ancestry, he was married to a Muriel Bertha Hajicek and had 4 children.
Muriel was born 24 Oct 1924 Hutchinson, McLeod, MN and died 3 Oct 1968 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.
It does not seem the owner of the tree knows any more about the Niemi family, no parents or siblings given for Frank Eino.

28-02-12, 23:40
Thank you for all of the information. I was trying to answer a post from the Suku forum asking about Kaisa Niemi and her family. The original message was posted by Pietroh. Hopefully he/she will see these posts with all of the information you have both found. I had found some of the info, but I didn't want to post it since I was not sure of the birth dates.


28-02-12, 23:53
Institute of Migration Passport and Passenger Information and 1882 Huittinen Birth Record for Frans Aleksander Honkonen

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