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A-M Löfdahl
07-02-04, 22:25
Simon Edvin Löfdahl b. 27.8.1893 in Oravais Finland emigrated to USA in 1915. He came to Ellis Island on April 16, 1915 via Copenhagen.
According to the Ellis Island records he travelled to his cousin Carl Hjelm, box 11, Au Train, Michigan.

I haven´t found anything more about him... hope someone else do!


M. Waters
07-02-04, 23:45
Hi, I just checked the phone book for this area, and found a Lofdahl in Marquette. That's not terribly far from Au Train...want the number? Midge, in Negaunee.

08-02-04, 00:02
I checked the 1920 census for AuTrain (8 pages total!) :)
Unfortunately, I didn't find either man. The 1920 census isn't indexed on genealogy.com so I can't check further for him. Maybe someone who has an ancestry.com subscription could find him for you.

Sorry I couldn't help further~

08-02-04, 05:48
Hi Ann-Marie,
Never did I expect to see the name of that tiny village on this website:) I spent many happy times just 7 miles west of Autrain :)
The closest Swedish speaking church is
MUNISING EDEN LUTHERAN CHURCH which was organized in 1905. I will check that place for both Löfdahl and Hjelm to see if they have some connections there.
I have a picture postcardposted showing a county road in the vicinity of Munising to give you some idea of the roads. The card was postmarked in 1917 so it quite timely.
I hope I can find them or maybe somebody from Oravais

Karen Norwillo
08-02-04, 19:10
I looked on Ancestry.com in the indexed census, but found nothing, but I did find a Simon Edwin Lofdahl in the Minnesota Death Index listed as dying Sept. 26, 1939 in Hennepin, MN. He is also found in the Minnesota Naturalization Records Index 1854-1957, Duluth county. Reel 20, code 52, vol. 20, pg. 247. I also found in the 1930 census for Alexandria, Douglas, MN. an Edwin G Lofdahl, age 27, living on 9th Ave. Mother and father listed as Swedish. He is newly married, wife's name looks like Letta??

A-M Löfdahl
10-02-04, 19:46
Thanks, Karen
The Simon Edvin dying in Minnesota could be the one!
Is there a birthdate or age??? Is it possible to find out if he had a family?

The Edwin G who was 27 in 1930 is too young.

even if you don´t find my Edvin (who was born in Seiplax!) maybe you find the Hjelm-family. Carl Hjelm came to Ellis Island on May 19 1913. He travelled to his sister Ida in Au Train. Ida and Mårten Hjelm had gone to Au Train in 1907. Johanna Hjelm (with her children Alfred and Ida) went to her husband in Gladstone in 1900. I am not sure how all these are related yet.

Thanks Kevin for trying!

Midge, I know there are many members of the Lofdahl-family living somewhere in Michigan... It was a brother of Edvins father; Anders Andersson Löfdahl who emigrated to Michigan in 1895. Maybe the one in Marquette is one of these. Name?

Hope to find out more...

10-02-04, 21:14
Hi Ann-Marie,
I went to the 1910 census with the other Hjelm names you mentioned and found them. There is a Eric Nybeck age 36 immigrated 1893, Ida (wife) age 20 immigrated 1905 and a Martin age 50 immigrated 1906. Also a cousin age 20 named John Johnson.

Martin is listed as married for 25 years and is listed as father-in-law so he must be the father of this Ida.

I've attached the image below.

I didn't find a Hjelm in 1900 in the Gladstone area.

A-M Löfdahl
10-02-04, 21:23
Kevin, was this in Au Train ?

10-02-04, 21:29
Yes, Ann-Marie. Sorry, forgot to include that detail.


10-02-04, 21:31
What was Johanna's husband's name in Gladstone? Maybe I can go back and look again.

Also, you mentioned Ida and Martin went to Au Train in 1907. It looks like Ida was married about 1908 since the census of 1910 says she's been married for 2 years.

Also, it says they were all born in Finland but spoke Swedish.

M. Waters
10-02-04, 21:39
Hi.....in the Marquette area phone book, this is the only Lofdahl: Tyler Lofdahl at 1008 W. Ridge Street, Marquette MI 49855.
Good luck with your search. Midge, Negaunee MI

Karen Norwillo
10-02-04, 21:45
Ann-Marie, I was thinking more that the younger Edwin Lofdahl might be a son. I'll check again to see if a birthdate or age at death was given, I don't believe it was. You'd probably have to write to MN to ask for a copy of the actual record, unless one of our members has access to that info. You can also get a copy of the Naturalization records from the state. I've found them to be a great source of unknown info. Karen

Karen Norwillo
10-02-04, 22:01
Ann-Marie, I checked again. No dates given. The State file # for the Death Index is 022149. It says you can request a copy from the Minnesota Historical Society for $8.00.They have a website. Also, The Iron Range Research Center has Naturalization records and can be emailed at yourroots%40ironworld.com. You can also request death records from the MN Dept of Health, but the historical society is cheaper. Karen

12-02-04, 00:17
Hi Ann-Marie,
This is where I showed my dumb luck:)
Au Train has no church so the closest Swedish lang church is in Munising so I am doubtful but I check it out.
The membership list does not show Simon so I continue to check for any Oravais people. It's my new thing to do and I get to page 16 and spot somebody with an Oravais birthplace but the first name, is that Siman or Simon or maybe Liman? I ask Jill to look at it and she says it is Simon. OK, then I begin to look at this guys whole name - Simon Edvin Löfdahl! Why, this is your guy!
I checked the onward church at Amasa and did not find him in a page by page look and also did the same for the Finnish and Swedish churches in Crystal Falls but did not find him. The records there are incomplete and do not stretch to 1917 but I have seen entries of data into that timeframe and I am looking for Oravais people, right? OK, nothing to say where he has gone so I am at a crossroads but don't know where to turn.
btw: No Hjelm people noticed.

12-02-04, 09:32
Hi Anne-Marie,

The Scandinavians in 1910 US Federal Census cd lists three Nybech/Nybecks in Au train, Algers County MI.
Nybeck Eric 36 details supplied by Kevin from the actual census.
Nybeck Mary 73 b. Fin roll 634 part 1 page 70 B and
Nybech Mickel age 50 b. Fin roll 634 part 1 page 69 B

Perhaps they are also relatives?

Altogether there are 71 Finnish born people listed in Au Train TWP.


12-02-04, 20:36
The closest age in the census for a Lufdahl name is this. but his name is listed as John , he stated he immigrated in 1915. He was in California. He states Swedish as his mother tongue.
I had no luck searching for Simon under the soundex code.

Name: John Lovdal
Age: 25 years
Estimated birth year: 1894
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Home in 1920: Scotia, Humboldt, California

John Lovdahl
Age: 35
Estimated birth year: 1894
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head-of-house: Head
Race: White
Home in 1930: Eureka, Humboldt, California
Occupation: View image

A-M Löfdahl
12-02-04, 21:21
Thank you very much!!!

I really didn´t hope for him belonging to a church; all single men I have been looking for don´t seem to belong to anything..... so it was a nice surprise! Maybe he´ll turn up somewhere.

thank you for the adress. I will try to get a copy from the Minnesota Historical Society.

Thanks for the Hjelms. Unfortunately I don´t have a name on Johannas husband (yet).

I think Tyler Lofdahl is a relative of ours, thanks for the adress!

Thanks for the Nybecks, I don´t know at the moment who they are but maybe I find them somewhere. There is a big Nybäck family here around Oravais!


12-02-04, 21:52
I found this on the mormon church site www.familysearch.org

Birth Date: 21 Sep 1888
Death Date: Jan 1972
Social Security Number: 366-54-1942
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 49862
Localities: Christmas, Alger, Michigan
Forest Lake, Alger, Michigan
Munising, Alger, Michigan

And this seems like it might be Ida's son:
Birth Date: 17 Sep 1911
Death Date: Jun 1978
Social Security Number: 379-09-2950
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 85020
Localities: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

I hope you don't mind me sending this secondary information. I am still trying to find Simon for you! ;)

12-02-04, 22:14
I stumbled on this website. Please visit it as it has Ida and Erik and their family listed in the cemetary in Au Train.


Here is the listing:
Nybeck Arvid E 1916 1982
Nybeck Bertha 1858 1940
Nybeck Erick 1874 1940 Father
Nybeck Ida 1888 1972 Mother
Nybeck Infant Son 1918
Nybeck Infant Son 1921
Nybeck Michael 1860 1940
Nybeck O R 27 Dec 1893 6 Sep 1917

A-M Löfdahl
13-02-04, 19:31
Thank you Kevin, I don´t mind at all!
Even if I don´t know at the moment who these people are, I´m sure I´ll find out. Oravais is not a big place and I believe the Nybäcks (the spelling used here) are all related. I will tell someone about it.....

Simon Edvin was my husbands grandfathers brother. I talked to Edvins niece on the phone yesterday and hope that she will find an old adress to him.....

Thank you Alicia. I have to look at John... I know there is a Lövdahl family around Vasa...

I´m so glad that you all are trying to help me!!!
Have a nice day

A-M Löfdahl
25-02-04, 19:30
I have ordered a copy of his death registration from the Minnesota Historical Society.
What about the Naturalization records. How do I find/order that? Is it expensive?

Thank you

25-02-04, 23:55
If you know the county in which he lived, that might give some information and then you can get a record from the national archives or that particular county.


A-M Löfdahl
27-02-04, 21:01
This is what Karen found for me:

He is also found in the Minnesota Naturalization Records Index 1854-1957, Duluth county. Reel 20, code 52, vol. 20, pg. 247.
but I don´t know what to do.....


28-02-04, 00:28
The historical society may be able to direct you to where you can order a copy of the naturalization papers. If not, find a Duluth / St Louis County / Minn website and they should be able to handle it for you.


28-02-04, 03:18
Please have a look at this link. It is part of the Iron World Research Center. I have used them in the past to obtain copies of my great grandfather's naturalization papers. I believe the cost was $10.00USD. Ask them if they'll mail to Finland. They accept credit cards for payment.

They were VERY helpful and very friendly. Hopefully it will work out for you!


28-02-04, 06:14
http://www.ironrangeresearchcenter.org/scripts/runisa.dll?IRRRB.67416:SEARCHDETAIL:357337853:NATI NDEXES,232649

I gave it a whirl and he came up,
SIMON EDWIN LOFDAHL so all you need to do is complete the transaction.

Kev/ thanks for a great website for nort minnesota, eh? :)


A-M Löfdahl
28-02-04, 14:44
I have checked it out and will try ro order!

arlene adele
16-03-04, 06:38
in response to the information on John Lovdahl, I believe he is the same person we knew. He was married to a relative of my Grandmother, Helena Sophia Nygard Holm(lund)

A-M Löfdahl
31-03-04, 22:06
I want to thank you all for helping me with Edvin!
I have now recieved a copy of his Death Certificate from the Minnesota Historical Society. (8 USD)
I have also recieved copies from the Iron Range Research Center. An Alien Registration and a Declaration of intention. (2*10 USD)
Edvin died on September 26 1939 in Minneapolis in Eitel Hospital.
He lived in 2876 Humbolt Ave. So.
Is this adress familiar to anyone?
Is it possible to find a grave?
On the Death Certificate it says that he is buried at Crystal Lake.


Karen Norwillo
01-04-04, 03:02
Anne-Marie, Is Crystal Lake the name of the town or the cemetery? Usually the death certificates give the name of the funeral home/director and the cemetery. I know Crystal Lake is a place in Illinois, near Chicago, so this is probably the name of the cemetery. I will see what I can find. Karen

Karen Norwillo
01-04-04, 03:18
Ann-Marie, Crystal Lake is the name of the cemetery. It is located in Minneapolis. Mailing address is Penn and Dowling Ave North, Minneapolis, MN. Phone # 612-521-7619. Perhaps if you contacted them, they could help. If we have any members in Minneapolis, maybe they could check it for you. I will see if they have the cemetery on-line. If they do, I will try to get the grave location for you. Karen

A-M Löfdahl
02-04-04, 18:57
Thanks Karen,
and what about his adress? (2876 Humbolt Ave. So. Minneapolis)
Is it familiar to anyone?