View Full Version : Heikki's diet

June Pelo
04-03-12, 21:16
Heikki goes to Dr. Nurmi's office for his regular physical.

Dr. Nurmi: "You're in pretty good shape, except I would like you to lose some weight."

Heikki really gets into the weight-loss program, even altering his drive to work by not driving by his favorite bakery/donut spot. Everything is going great, until one day Heikki decides to test his sisu and drives by the bakery.

On his next visit to the doctor's office, Dr. Nurmi asks Heikki: "How is your diet going?"

Heikki: "It was going pretty good until one day I decided to test my sisu by driving by the bakery shop. I told myself that if the Lord meant for me to stop, he would have a parking spot right in the front. Sure enough, on my eighth trip around the block, there was a spot right in the very front."