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June Pelo
04-03-12, 23:48
Starbucks will open its first café in Finland at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in April. It will be located in Terminal 2 in an area accessible to arriving passengers. Later in the year another Starbucks will open in the departures area. If Starbucks is successful at the airport, between 15 to 20 Starbucks cafés could open around Finland.

Sweden has a new princess. She is Estelle Sylvia Ewa Mary, born 27 Feb. 2012 to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. She is the next heir to the throne after her mother Victoria, and will have the title Duchess of Östergötland.

About 43,000 people left the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland during the past year. That is about half of the more than 83,000 people who left in 2010, mostly because of the debate over homosexuality. 77.3% of the population now belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.