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Alf Blomqvist
08-02-04, 12:31
DATE: 7.2.2004 20:34:51 GMT
NAME: Mary Ann Blomquist-Gogoleski (anny%40ameritech.net) (http://)

My grandfather, Andrew Blomquist, and grandmother, Sofia Junell, came from Finland. They were married, at the ages of 24 & 23, on April 20, 1888, in Michigan. My greatgrandfather's name was John Jacobson, and greatgrandmother's name was Katrina Jacobson. My maternal greatgrandmother's father was Sofia Junell, and greatgrandfather's name was Martin Junell. I am trying to find out more information, like where in Finland did they come from, and whether any of my greatgrandparent's came from Sweden. Can you help?

June Pelo
08-02-04, 19:06
I have many Junell names from Nedervetil and Karleby parishes, but none have the names being searched. I also have an Andrew Blomquist who married 8 Nov 1890 in Escanaba, MI to Emma Eriksdotter Torrkulla. I have Blomquist/Blomqvist names found mostly in Kronoby, Munsala, Pedersöre and Nykarleby.


Alf Blomqvist
08-02-04, 19:26
Thank you June!

I passed over your information...

Ingemar Ekman
08-02-04, 19:46
Hi Alf,
I am sending the result of the Junell I found recorded in Swedish CDs. Please find enclosed RTF file.

Ingemar Ekman
08-02-04, 22:45
Hi again Alf,
I forgot to add to the list the Junell, mostly from Gamla Karleby, I found on the CD "All Seamen's home", it is no help for you but at least some information.
Please find enclosed RTF -file.