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Missy D
15-03-12, 02:45
I need a bit of help translating a cause of death. I'm pretty certain it's Swedish, but google translate doesn't really make a lot of sense of it.
The cause of death is listed as af bränvin och bäckolja.
This was in Hiski, Nurmo record in year 1835. (19 October)
I'd appreciate any help

June Pelo
15-03-12, 04:17
No, it doesn't make sense... that's vodka and some kind of oil... can't see how that would cause death.. maybe someone in Finland has a better idea..

Missy D
15-03-12, 04:41
Yes, that's what I thought...maybe they drank too much then did something with oil...:D. Maybe someone will be able to shed some light on it, but it's not vital to my research. All kinds of odd things when you do research....Thank you, June!

Jaska Sarell
15-03-12, 09:57
Used SAOB (http://g3.spraakdata.gu.se/saob/) to find explanation for bäckolja. Usage of ä and e has changed over times: beckolja = tjärolja = tar oil.

:) Jaska

Missy D
15-03-12, 22:41
Well then, Google translate nearly worked...I had it translated to vodka and pitch oil....that does not make any sense as a cause of death, though, apart from drinking too much....any ideas? Oil?
Thanks for your help as well, Jaska!

30-06-17, 22:27
This is http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t5393102 right?

Tar oil and vodka makes me think of the old Finnish proverb "if sauna, tar and vodka won't cure it, then the disease is lethal".

This unfortunate person is my maternal grandfather's maternal grandmother's maternal grandfather. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rajala-37