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June Pelo
17-03-12, 03:05
Finland's new president is entitled to use three properties for residential and hospitality purposes: the Presidential Palace, Mäntyniemi in Helsinki and the villa of Kultaranta on the island of Luonnonmaa in Naantali on the west coast.

The Presidential Palace opposite Helsinki's Market Square houses the office and premises used by the president for official functions and receptions.

Mäntyniemi is the first official residence built specifically for the president. There are three buildings: the main house, a small gatehouse, and a maintenance building. The presidennt uses a total of 1,400 square meters of the main house as private living quarters, personal office and reception rooms.

Kultaranta is the president's summer residence. It is a granite-built castle from 1914, surrounded by a well-tended park and is situated in Naantali on the southwestern coast of Finland.

The president will be driven around in a new armored Mercedes-Benz S600L Guard. Instead of license plates, the car has a Lion Coat of Arms on the front and back.

The 20-meter-long yacht Kultaranta VIII is the eighth official presidential yacht, and cost around EUR 2 million when Tarja Halonen took delivery a few years ago. The aluminum-hulled vessel takes 18 people and two crew members. In addition, at Kultaranta there are many smaller boats for other purposes.

From the beginning of March, the president receives an annual salary of EUR 160,000, or EUR 13,333 per month. The salary is exempt from all taxes, but the president will accrue an annual pension benefit of 60%. From March onward, the president has no separate annual expense account. All entertainment expenses will be covered by the expenditure budget of the Office of the President. The state will not pay the president's spouse - in this case Niinistö's wife Jenni Haukio - a separate compensation for her duties.

FAR, March 2012