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Carolyn Nelson
25-03-12, 07:11
Does anyone have contact with someone in the US who plays the "kantele"? I have a friend who is actually Swedish and she has purchased a kantele and wants to have contact with someone who plays that instrument. We live in Washington State.

25-03-12, 12:51
I don't know of anyone in Washington, but in Minnesota check out dianejarvi.com Contact info is on website.


June Pelo
25-03-12, 19:42
Do you know Wilho Saari or his sistr May Johnson Adair? They are considered 2 of the best kantele players. Both of them live in Naselle, WA. http://www.finlandiafoundation.org/templates/System/details.asp?id=39706&PID=904202 go to google and type his name and you'll get loads of info. Here's a demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V77zZt3q9oA

Carolyn Nelson
26-03-12, 04:52
Thanks June! My friend will be excited to be able to contact them... she is actually Swedish so did not know about Finlander.

Sandra Wakkuri
16-04-13, 18:42
Wilho Saari, Naselle, WA