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25-03-12, 20:16
How can I find information about what happened in Jandeba, Russia, christmas 1941. Google gave me nothing. Im trying to find out what my grandfather did in the war. I have 3 pictures: one where it says "romolus", taken in 1942, one where it says: B II L 1 o 78.e. What does that mean?also taken in 1942.:

25-03-12, 20:18
and the third picture: here I lived in this korsu christmas 1941. the other pictures are possibly taken already in 1941 too..

Karen Norwillo
26-03-12, 16:19
I found a photo on Wikimedia Commons labelled "Finnish soldiers at a dugout on the base Yngve on Tommila Hill at Jandeba in the Continuation War 1942." So your photos must have been taken during this conflict. Also says korsu was a typical Finnish wooden bunker . There was a gun called the Korsu Bunker Gun made to be fired through those "windows" in the bunkers along the Mannerheim Line. Yngve is a Scandinavian
given name

Karen Norwillo
26-03-12, 21:06
From what I have been able to find, Jandeba is located in Podporozhsky, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. During WWII much of the territory was occupied, possibly by the Finns during the Continuation War.
My paternal grandfather was from Salla and the area where he was born was lost to the Russians. I have several family relatives lost in Karelia during this time. I have visited the monument in Salla to those lost and have been to the Russian-Finland border. Those who survived and were repatriated were given new land The farm the family was given is still in the family.