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June Pelo
03-04-13, 14:13
I have a request for information on the following.. he has no further info. about them:

BACKÄNDA, Anders Viktor Andersson

b. 23 Dec 1874, Nedervetil, I think he moved to USA 1895

BACKÄNDA, Karl Sanfred Andersson

b. 22 May 1879, Nedervetil, I think he moved to USA 8 Mar 1905

BACKÄNDA, Anders Evald Johannesson

b. 30 Oct 1901, Nedervetil, Moved to New Zealand but I haven't figured out when

June Pelo
07-04-13, 04:32
I've tried to check Ellis Island records for Anders Viktor and Karl Sanfred, but kept getting "no results". Wonder if anyone else can find a record of either of them.. the family think they came through New York.

Karen Norwillo
11-04-13, 02:39
Here is Karl (Kalle) Backända and Oskar arriving 23 Dec 1904 to NY, destination Virginia, MN. Looks like Kalle was there previously in 1903. I have not found Anders yet.

June Pelo
11-04-13, 02:53
Thank you, Karen. Magnus will be very happy to get this.. he had just about given up.

11-04-13, 10:37
Hi June
This is at Ancestry.com .Maybe it´s your Karl Sanfrid ?
New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Kalle Backánda
Name: Kalle Backánda
Arrival Date: 23 Dec 1904
Birth Date: abt 1879
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Finnish
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Baltic
Search Ship Database: Search the Baltic in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database

Karen Norwillo
11-04-13, 14:59
Found other arrivals for Oskar Backända in 1924 going to Canada. Says wife Katrina in Finland. Looks like Vetili. Also a 1909 arrival for a Sanfrid Backända to NY. I think it's Karl, Kalle. Looks like they travelled back and forth a few times.

June Pelo
11-04-13, 15:12

Thank you. Yes, that looks like him.

Karen Norwillo
11-04-13, 15:21
There's a Family Tree on Ancestry that shows Anders Viktor Andersson Backända born 22 Feb 1874 in Nedervetil. Parents Anders Andersson Skullbacka Backända and Maria Sofia Johansdr. Backända. Unfortunately, that's all it has about him. On Migration Institute under Passports, the Kalle and Oskari Backända are listed as Mattsson, not Andersson. Oskar is listed as Matti Oskari. From Nedervetil. Only Sanfred is listed as Andersson.

June Pelo
11-04-13, 15:22
Thanks again, Karen. Interesting that Sanfrid was going to Spokane.. Magnus didn't know that. I'll pass the on.

June Pelo
11-04-13, 15:41
Yes, they're all related somehow.. it's a large family and I'll have to sort it out.. luckily I have a book of Nedervetil people that I can study.....:)

Karen Norwillo
11-04-13, 16:59
I found a daughter born to same parents in Kronoby on Hiski. 16.3.1872 Backända, Anders Andersson and Maria Sofia Johansdotter..Greta Mathilda.

Karen Norwillo
11-04-13, 21:42
Checking TALKO, on Göran Byskata's info, Karl Sanfrid Andersson Backända born 22 May 1879 was the son of Anders Johanesson 1 Jun 1834 Kronoby and Anna Brita Johansdotter Hästbacka 26 Sep 1839 Nedervetil. They had many children from 1866-1881 including an Anders Viktor born 13 Dec 1874.

June Pelo
11-04-13, 22:00

Yes, I checked Talko, too, and found those people... but Talko doesn't show any of the ones who emigrated.. which is what Magnus is hoping to find where they settled in the US and their families, if they had any. We're also thinking the emigrants took their patronymic as a surname.. and Anderson and Mattson are very common surnames here... :(

Karen Norwillo
12-04-13, 16:40
Looking under Anderson gave no good results for Sanfrid, Sanfred, Fred, Karl, Carl or Charles in WA state. Lots of Andrew Andersons, but none seem to be Anders Viktor.

June Pelo
12-04-13, 17:33
Thanks, Karen. I told him it was hopeless to find any Andersons, etc.

Karen Norwillo
13-04-13, 16:42
Second image of Sanfrid's 1909 arrival shows he's going to uncle Anders Wargström in Spokane. Anders born 1860 and married to Ida Johansdotter Hastbäcka. Their son Anders (Andrew) Viktor born 1885 was born in Gamlakarleby according to his Naturalization papers. Other children born WA, ID, and UT. By 1930 Ida was widowed and died in 1939 in Spokane. Anna Brita, Sanfrid's mother is a Hastbäcka. Probably she and Ida were sisters??

June Pelo
13-04-13, 19:37
Wow, Karen. I have that Wargstrom family in my database.. they are distantly related to my mother's Warg/Wargstrom line. Yes, Anna Brita and Ida were sisters! Magnus will be happy to get this info. Now we know why Sanfrid went to Spokane.. There will be a number of people in Finland who will be interested in knowing about this connection.. Thank you! :)