View Full Version : Finland ranked among top countries for retirement

June Pelo
03-04-13, 20:37
Finland has been ranked as one of the best countries for retirement by Natixis Global retirement Index which uses 20 indicators in four categories to rank the countries. Based on the index, the top country for retirement is Norway, followed by Switzerland (2nd), Luxembourg (3rd), Sweden (4th), Austria (5th) and Finland (6th). The rankings in top Western European countries are boosted by “robust health care and retiree social programs.” The United States did come in on the 19th place. The combined rankings of the countries, 150 countries altogether, are based on the health, material well-being, finances and quality of life. The index measures include per-capita health spending, number of hospital beds, per-capita income, happiness and satisfaction. The company behind providing the index, Natixis Global Asset Management, is one of the 15 largest asset management companies globally. It is headquartered in Paris and Boston, and has $779 billion assets under management.

Norden 3 March 2013