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12-04-13, 12:57
Hello all
I need help with Anna Louisa Bs or Gustafsson born in Jeppo Finland 4 Feb.1875 and died in USA Snohomish WA USA 6 sep 1957.Anyone who know when she emigrated from Finland and wich way she did it.She married Erik Johan (Eric John in USA) Bloomquist born 6 aug 1874 at Trsk farm in Munsala Finland.dird 24 apr 1964 in Seattle.

June Pelo
12-04-13, 17:19
Arne Nylund has this family data on Talko, but no indication when Anna emigrated.

12-04-13, 19:14
Thank you ,June

13-04-13, 01:50
I'll be happy to check our digital archives, but need to know which name is her birth name and which is her married name if that is what you've listed.

Ah, never mind, I see the Bloomquist name now.

13-04-13, 01:54
Just for reference, here is her death record in the WA State digital archives, showing father as "Gustaf Gustafson".

Da Reference Number: {11BFD17C-798E-4DDA-84E3-BD66C5310744}
Image Number: 2329
Document Number: 79
Document Reference Id: 17927
Name: Anna Louise Bloomquist
Date Of Death: 6 Sep 1957
Age: 82
Gender: Female
Father Name: Gustaf Gustafson
Batch Id: 281675
Batch Locality: Washington, United States
Death Place: Snohomish, Snohomish, Washington

13-04-13, 02:07
Hi Ilmari
She was born Bs but use Gustafson in USA

13-04-13, 02:07

Where there siblings that could have also traveled with her, and if so, the names?

June Pelo
13-04-13, 02:28
Anna Lovisa's father was Gustaf Jakobsson Bs, 1841-1930. He also had a daughter Susanna Sofia, b. 20 Jan 1869, who died 1948 in Felch or Metropolitan, MI. No indication when she emigrated from Finland. She married in Escanaba 1893 to Matts Johansson Pass.

13-04-13, 10:35
Hi Ilmari
TThere was 8 children ,but only 3 of them went to USA.Anna Lovisa born 4 feb 1875 and Susanna (Sanna) Sofia born 20 jan 1869 and Fredrik born 18 jun 1879.

22-04-13, 08:44
So then you know already that Susanna Sofia Bs went to Metropolitan, Michigan on 20 Oct 1893, Fredrik Bs went to the same place on 12 February 1913, or at least it appears that way?

22-04-13, 10:08
Hello Ilmari
Thank you for all help.I have some diffrent data in my database.I have that Susanne come to Michigan in nov. 1892 .Fredrik have I nothing about .Only that he was murdered on the way back to Finland ?Maybe in USA . Please ,can you check this again ? Anna Bs or Boos have I find that she come with a ship Kronprinz Wilhelm from Germany Bremen to New York 28 sep 1908.Anna Louisa use also Gustafson as family name and Married Eric John Bloomquist.
Best regards

Karen Norwillo
22-04-13, 22:02
There's a family tree on Ancestry.com for Anna and John Bloomquist. It looks like Erik John used John. Says Anna and John married 1897 and had 9 children, all born in Wisconsin. In 1900 and 1905 they were in Eileen, Bayfield, WI, then in Ashland, WI.
It says Anna arrived US 1897 from Finland. Other census say anywhere from 1897-1899, which can't be right as first child born 1898. John was a farmer. I found one arrival for an Anna Gustafson age 17 in 1892, destination Chicago. Children were Johan "Joel" Jr, Jakob Edward, Erik Thorvald, Ruth Enid, Alvar Gustaf, Nancy Louise, Roy William and one more, unnamed, listed as private.

Karen Norwillo
22-04-13, 22:28
In 1930, the family is in Centerville, Silver Bow, MT. Children Thor, Alver, Nancy and Dororthy are with them. Dorothy is probably the "private". In 1940, they are in Butte, Silver Bow with daughter Dagny and her husband William A Anderson and family. There is Dorothy and a Thomas listed as siblings of Dagny. I don't know where he came from.

22-04-13, 22:52
Hi Karen
This all sounds good except the arrival time for Anna.I have they was married 23 .11.1897.in Iron Belt Bessemer.Dorothy was theyre last child born 17 .6.1918 if my data is correct.Its the arrival data who are unclear yet for me.Thank you for helping me.

Karen Norwillo
23-04-13, 16:10
Figured out Thomas is Thorvald, same year of birth. He must have Americanized his name by 1940.

23-04-13, 17:30
Thank you , Karen !

25-04-13, 00:32
Detailed passenger information

Last name Bs
First names Sanna Sofia
Age or age group 21
Port of departure Jepua
Place of destination Metropolitan
State of destination MI
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 296
Ship from Finland Urania
Date of departure from Finland 29.10.1893
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England . .9999
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 1/95
Remarks *

Karen Norwillo
25-04-13, 02:15
Here are the children of Anna and John Bloomquist
John "Joel" Bloomquist 7 Sep 1898 Iron Belt, WI-19 Apr 1966 Ashland, WI
Jakob "Edward" Bloomquist 1 Apr 1900 Ashland, WI-13 Apr 1993 Spokane, WA
Dagny Emily Bloomquist 10 Mar 1902 Ashland, WI-22 Sep 1973 Anaconda, MT
Erik Thorvald Bloomquist 20 Apr 1904 Ashland, WI-9 Apr 1993 Sturgeon Bay, WI
Ruth Enid Bloomquist 21 Feb 1906 Ashland, WI-24 Jul 1997 Kingsford, MI
Alvar Gustaf Bloomquist 22 Jul 1908 Ashland, WI-23 Dec 2000 Corte Modera, CA
Nancy Louise Bloomquist 21 Jul 1910 Ashland, WI-Jan 1937 Butte, MT
Roy William Bloomquist 1912-1913 Ashland, WI
Dorothy Bloomquist abt 1918-1919.
Note: There is an Iron Belt in both WI and MI. I would think they were married in WI.

25-04-13, 02:31
Bert - Karen,
There is a marriage record for Eric John Bloomquist and Annie Gustaffson on 22 October 1897 in Bessemer Michigan. The record shows that Eric John Bloomquist was born in Iron Belt Wisconsin in 1874.

Karen Norwillo
25-04-13, 16:08
Here's the WWI Draft card for Erick John Bloomquist showing he was born in Finland. Birth date matches Bert's first post. That marriage image shows both bride and groom born in Finland, but living in Iron Belt, WI.

Karen Norwillo
25-04-13, 20:45
Here's the marriage image. Info on FamilySearch.org differs in the transcription, but the image shows Finland.