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June Pelo
15-04-13, 17:07
William Mattson (originally Matts William Mattsson Måsala, b. 7 May 1860, Himango) came to the US and married 1881 (place unknown) to Amanda Johansdotter Lillkåla, b. 7 Oct 1863 in Karleby. They had the following children, born somewhere in the US..maybe Utah.. he had worked there in a silver mine at one time .. is it possible to find where the children were born.. William went back to Finland ca 1895, then back to the US 1896, back to Finland and returned to US 1898 and then back to Finland for good.
- Anders Albert, 1882-1889
- Wilhelm Alexander, b. 17 Sep 1884
- Karl Hugo, b. 9 Dec 1887
- Ellen Ingeborg, 1895-1897

16-04-13, 17:01
A bit more information about the family here and more children: http://www.geni.com/people/Matts-William-Mattsson-Måsala/6000000009077929512

It shows Anders Albert and Wilhelm Alexander born in US; Karl Hugo and Ellen Ingeborg born in Karleby.

June Pelo
16-04-13, 21:02
Thanks.. I was able to add a few more names to my data..