View Full Version : Student Registrations 1892-1894, Illinois or Massachusetts.

Ingemar Ekman
20-04-13, 11:20
Does anyone know where or if old student registrations from 1892-1894 are filed. I am looking for an old registration of ôStudent of Architecture" in Chicago or Boston area? We have been in contact with MIT in Boston MA but they had no information about the old registrations. / Ingemar

June Pelo
20-04-13, 19:19

I asked a friend in Chicago, and this is his reply:
it would be good to know what schools/colleges were offering architecture courses/degrees here in early to mid-1890s.

Possibly the School of the Art Institute of Chicago--which I believe it was known as that after the 1880s, or perhaps Chicago Art Institute School, etc. The University of Chicago may have offered such a degree program back then, as well.

However, a more interesting lead might be this: The Illinois Institute of Technology, formed in early 1940s after a merger between the trade/tech schools Armour Institute of Technology (founded 1890) & Lewis Institute (f. 1895). I'm pretty sure both had building/engineering/design/architecture classes.

Ingemar Ekman
21-04-13, 16:08
Thank you June! I found email addresses to Illinois Institute of Technology and to the records administration at University of Chicago and a contact form to the Art Institute of Chicago. I will ask them about where or if any old registrations are stored (filed) / Ingemar