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10-02-04, 19:29
"Till Flydda tider..." Norra Pörtom i ord och bild
A member showed us their copy of the above book. It's quite good. The archive director suggested I ask if anyone would care to donate a copy to the archives.

Syrene Forsman,
President, SFHS

12-10-11, 11:08
Hi, it is possible to buy a copy from "bygården på Norrback, from Ingvar och Birgitta Aspholm phone number countrycode to Finland + (06-)3661373.
I do not know if they speak so much english. There are 2 books " till flydda tider - Norra Pörtom i ord and bild" and "Glada vi iskolan gick - tre byskolor i norra Pörtom"

They cost euro 25 each + postage.
The first book cover North of Pörtom, for example Norrback, Svarvars, Rönnholm, Björknäs, Ahlholm, with pictures of all the houses, some people and many schoolclasses,maps.

The second book is about the schools i north of Pörtom, Svarvars, Rönnholm and Norrbacks schools. Pictures of the teachers and students.

They are both written in Swedish and are about 300 pages each.

brgds Helena