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June Pelo
27-04-13, 01:32
I've had an interesting week doing research for a family that emigrated from Finland to Grand Marais, MI. Their name was Nyberg; I have a lot of Nyberg names in my database. It seems to have been a name chosen by many emigrants but they usually weren't related. But this time I had a hunch about another Nyberg family I worked with many years ago... they were in Bremerton, WA. When I checked my data, I discovered they had originally emigrated to Grand Marais and were there at the same time as the current Nyberg family who had changed their name to Newberg. I calculated that the two Nyberg families were distantly related.. and further checking shows they attended the same church in Grand Marais in the 1890s, so no doubt they knew of each other. However, the current generation in Grand Marais knows nothing of the family that went to Bremerton. Their grandparents or great grandparents may have known of the other family, but no stories were handed down through the family. I also discovered that the family in Bremerton was closely related to two other Nyberg families: one in Polson, MT and the other in Hoquiam, WA. Strangely enough, none of the families knew of the other families... and when I mentioned it to them, they weren't interested in knowing about them. It's hard to believe .. but there are people who are not interested in their heritage nor in meeting new relatives. Sad, isn't it..

29-04-13, 04:18
Very sad. I guess our sickness is not contagious, but I wish a few more would get the bug.