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Kaj Nyman
04-05-13, 12:07
I like to get information about Herman Jern, Johan Bjurs, Carl Bjurs and Jakob Myntti, who all travelled to CRYSTAL FALLS (in Michigan??) according to the passengerlist from ss Romeo, sailing from from Gothenburg to Hull on 18 Nov 1887. Herman Jern was born 30 Oct 1864 in Sundom Finland. They all arrived in New York on 3 dec 1887 onboard the ship Celtic.
Kaj Nyman

Karen Norwillo
04-05-13, 15:48
Yes, Crystal Falls is in Michigan, Iron county. That's where I was born and lived until age 8. My family is still in that area. What exactly are you searching for? Do you have birth dates for any of them? Do you know anything about them that can help in a search?

Karen Norwillo
04-05-13, 16:33
There is on Ancestry.com a Herman Jern and a Johan Jern in Whatcom county, WA. Herman is found in Bellingham, WA with wife Amanda. I found a marriage for a John Jern in 1903, says father Herman, born Finland. Age would be close if that age on the manifest is 27, not 37. Nothing found on Bjurs except the manifests you show. Bjurs may have been changed to Jern.

Kaj Nyman
05-05-13, 11:29
Hi Karen,
Thank you for your reply. Herman (Johan´s son) Jern b. Oct 30, 1864 in Sundom married Beata Sofia Dahlström b. Nov 3, 1864 in Bergö, Finland. Date of marriage Nov 24, 1884 in Sundom.

In November 1887 Herman emigrated to Amerika (see the manifests above) and his wife Beata Sofia (my grandmother´s sister) was left behind in Sundom. In 1894 Beata Sofia did travel to Canada (Whitney, Ontario) together with Johan Nordlund (later John Johnson in Canada). According to pass. list Beata Sofia is “Spinster” although there is no mention of a divorce in the church books in Finland. When travelling Beata Sofia used her maiden name Dahlström. Later in the church books in Finland Herman Jern is recorded as being in America.

Johan Nordlund b. June 20, 1843, who was a married man with children in Sundom, did later get three children with Beata Sofia in Canada. They both died in Powasson, Ontario (1927 and 1937).

In the list of passenger one can see the names Johan and Carl Bjurs and Jakob Myntti, all with the same destination as Herman Jern. I have no other informations of Bjurs and Myntti than what can be seen in the pass. list.

It would be very interresting to find out what really did happen to Herman Jern. Did he die soon after arrival in US or did he just start a new life “over there”.

The one you mention - John Jern with a father Herman could as well be Herman Jern with a father John (Johan) although the age do not excatly agree. If Herman Jern had the intension to “disappear” he probably rearranged his names.