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June Pelo
05-05-13, 22:54
Someone in Finland wrote and asked if I had the ancestry of Linus Torvalds... I do have it and sent it to him. And then I did some calculating and found that Linus and I are 5th cousins twice removed.

07-05-13, 01:48
He and I are 6th cousins once removed.

Common great grandparents are:

Anders Jakobsson TJÄRU and his wife Brita Johansdotter AHLROTH

June Pelo
07-05-13, 02:26
Yes, that's correct. He and I are 5th cousins once removed through Hästbacka, plus 23 other links up to 12th cousin. One of my relatives in Finland is on the same EU parliament committee as Linus' father.