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June Pelo
07-05-13, 23:40
FAR has this query; if you can help, please reply to Charles Larson.

My great grandfather Peter Sakari (Sakare) supposedly was killed in a mining accident in the Calumet-Hancock area, as was my great grandmother's second husband. If possible, I would like to confirm these deaths. Also, I would like to know the how and why regarding the sudden name change to Larson. My grandfather had a brother Andrew Larson and a half-brother Gustaf Larson who I would also like to get information about.

Charles Larson
PO Box 1356
La Mesa, CA 91944

Karen Norwillo
08-05-13, 22:27
Kind of confused about this query. Who was his grandfather? First he's talking about a great-grandfather (Peter Sakari) then about Larsons. I get the brother Andrew and half-brother Gustaf, sons of Lars? Who was his grandfather? Is it that Peter Sakari changed his name to Larson and who was his great-grandmother's second husband? Confusing.

June Pelo
09-05-13, 01:12

I agree that it's confusing and unclear .. he's put so many requests into such a short paragraph.. and he evidently doesn't have e-mail.. there was no address included.

25-05-13, 04:00
I did send a phone number to Karen if interested.

Karen Norwillo
25-05-13, 16:37
I may just write to him. I found a Sakari family in Hancock including Henry, Mary and children Hjalmer, Ferdinand, Sallie? and Peter, all born in MI. It appears Mary's full name was Kaisa Maria. Hjalmer was Frank Hjalmer, Sallie was actually Carl later, and there was another daughter Ida by 1910. From 1920 to his death in 1944, Peter Sakari was an inmate in Newberry Hospital for the Insane in Pentland township, Luce, MI. He was born 7 Jul 1896 in MI. By 1940, Henry Sakari was a widower and son Frank lived at home with him. I found no other family that matched the query. But if this Peter was his great-great grandfather, Peter must have married sometime before Newberry. He would have been in his early 20's on committal Maybe family said he was killed in the mines to avoid the truth.

June Pelo
25-05-13, 17:20
A good idea.. that may help to clear the confusion..