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June Pelo
08-05-13, 21:09
I think most of us have come across situations where an emigrant from Finland comes here to find a job and place to live, and then sends for his wife and children. A relative in MN sent me an old newspaper article from 1913 about a situation that ended differently.

Konstan Perala came to the US, and left his wife and children in Finland, telling them he'd send money in three months for their passage. They waited and waited, but heard nothing from him. So his wife Sanna worked for many years supporting the children and saving some money for a trip to the US. Finally she had enough money for herself, but had to leave the children behind. When she arrived in MN, she found that her husband had remarried. He claimed that she refused to come to America, so he remarried. She took him to court, claiming that she never refused to come, but instead had been waiting for him to send the money. He was sent to Stillwater prison serving time for bigamy. Sanna believes that since she was his legal wife, she is entitled to some of his property that he had in the US.