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11-05-13, 11:33
A short video with English subtexts


June Pelo
11-05-13, 17:14
Thanks, Hasse. I'm very familiar with Karleby.. have lots of relatives there and seeing the streets, buildings, houses, etc. brings back memories. My father was confirmed in that old Karleby church in 1907. I have many Strang relatives, and wouldn't be surprised if Lars and Lena Strang are related to me. I'll be sending this out to many people who have roots in Karleby.

June Pelo
12-05-13, 00:31
I've had a good response to this video, especially from people who know they'll never get to Finland.. and they're happy to see the area of their ancestors. I know a man who wants to get a grant to go to Finland and study the old churches, especially old Karleby church.. he saw it once and can't wait to get back there.

13-05-13, 17:00
There is one Facebook group that lists a lot of Churches and carries lots of photographs. Here is the link (https://www.facebook.com/groups/473512779339429/) - but you have to have a Facebook account and be able to log in to view the pictures and follow the discussion (mostly in Finnish).

No use clicking the link unless you have logged in in Facebook already!

- Hasse