View Full Version : Where is Michael Mattson?

Mats Blomqvist
13-05-13, 08:29
I am looking for my second cousin Michael Mattson from, Seattle/Washington. Michaelīs father was Birger J. Mattson who made custom cabinets, according to his calling card. On the same calling card (from about 1980) is his phone number 321-6226 and his address: 1400 E Birdie Drive. Birger (1912-86) came to the US from Nykarleby in Finland in 1930, following his father Johannes who had arrived in July 1916.
Michael was born around 1946, is married with a couple of children. Michael has other relatives in the US, in Ironwood/Michigan and in Moline/Illinois and many, many back in Finland.
We, relatives in Finland, would love to have your help in finding Michael Mattson and letting me know.
Many thanks for your kind help.
Mats Blomqvist

25-05-13, 04:15
See your private messages here, I've sent you something.