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June Pelo
20-05-13, 17:24
This is a poorly worded query that I received. Can anyone get something out of it:

Through " ancestry" I found a man that might be the brother of my great grandmother who was "lost" to us in America. A man called John Pierson lived in 1900 on Manistee Ward 7, Manistee. He was born in Sweden in june 1855 (my relative was born june 11) and his wife was Mathilda. This Manistee couple had 2 children by that time, Arvid that was 3 and Amy that was 2 years old. Iwould like to find out if this man was really the brother of my grandmother, as the name , country of birth and the year and month of birth are the same, I just don't have which day of the month regarding this man living at the ward (for sick people? Poor)

20-05-13, 18:12
The 1900 US Census shows John Pierson, wife Matilda, both born in Sweden; and children Arvid and Amy, Manistee Ward 7, Manistee, MI. According to the census, John and Matilda had been married for 5 years.

From FamilySearch: In 1894, John Pehrson, born 24.6.1859, Ryd, Malmo, Sweden married Eva Mathilda, born 24.12.1865, Tuslinge, Orebro, Sweden

June Pelo
20-05-13, 21:09
Thanks for that good information. I was going to ask Ingemar in Sweden to see if he could find anything. Maybe he can check emigration or census records there for me. And I'll see if this woman can give me a better idea what she's looking for.

21-05-13, 00:17
you're welcome June...

June Pelo
21-05-13, 00:21
Ingemar found this about the man:
Johannes Persson born 24.6.1859 in Rya, Kristianstads län (Today Skåne län) He emigrated to USA 17 Oct 1885
He had at least 6 sisters born 1847 - 1862 and 2 brothers born 1846 and 1865.

June Pelo
21-05-13, 03:18
The woman would like to find living relatives.. but has no info. except what was in the census record showing two children.

21-05-13, 04:56
I sounds like she is not a citizen, because she interprets "ward" to imply some kind of care center. It might help her to know that all the precincts for the census were subdivided into wards in populated areas.

21-05-13, 15:32
The 1910 US Census shows two more children; Ester, age 10 and Mildred, age 6.

1940 US Census, Arvid C. Person; wife Maude A., both 44 and both born Michigan; son Kenneth S., age 16, born Michigan. Arvid is a pattern maker at an automobile factory.

Find-A-Grave: Ester C. Person, 1901-1918; John Person, 1859-1929; Oak Grove Cemetery, Manistee, MI: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gsr&GSln=Person&GSiman=1&GScid=1254&

Michigan Death Index: Arvid Chester Person, Pattern Maker, born 31.7.1895, MI; died 24.3.1953, Benton Harbor, MI; wife Maude Adell Person; parents John Person and Mathilda Schoen; street address RR 3, No. Shore Drive, Berrien, MI

21-05-13, 15:51
Kenneth S. Person, born 6.8.1923; died 10.12.1985, Ann Arbor, MI; residence at time of death was Birmingham, MI. He enlisted in the US Navy, 16.3.1945 and was released 7.5.1946.

June Pelo
21-05-13, 16:00
Thanks for all that info.. I'll pass it along. My problem is that I have no direct contact with this woman.. she asked FAR for help, and they in turn have asked me for help. I also have Ingemar in Sweden who's looking for living relatives there.

Syrene, I'm not sure where the woman lives overseas, but she will be at Finnfest and I think Jim Kurtti is arranging for her to give a lecture. He's also trying to get more info. from her about her great grandmother's name.. kind of frustrating..

21-05-13, 16:14
This may or may not be relevant...Google Search shows Kenneth S. Person, age 89, lived in Birmingham and Bloomfield, MI; other persons Virginia Louise Person and Blair Arvid Person. It's at least possible this is the correct Kenneth S. Person, even though he died in 1985.

June Pelo
21-05-13, 20:23
.. mysterious.. don't know what to make of that.

22-05-13, 15:30
If you would please email my at SFHS, I will try to see what can be found further. I'll be at the office this afternoon, so could catch the email from you.