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June Pelo
20-05-13, 22:36
It is 375 years since the first Swedish and Finnish colonizers landed in America. Captain Lauren Morgens landed the Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington, Delaware in 1638 with a group of Swedish and Finnish soldiers who built the colony. The ship returned two years later with more people to live there. The captain said the Swedes and Finns were more organized than other new settlers. The Kalmar Nyckel made 4 trans-Atlantic trips to Delaware and the neighboring area.

It was a variegated troop of Swedes and Finns who arrived in New Sweden. Many so-called forest Finns had left Savolax and emigrated to Sweden; they were later ordered to leave. The other Finlanders, who spoke Swedish, came voluntarily. New Sweden existed only 17 years and then the colony was taken over by people from Holland.

But the legacy lives on in some old buildings and monuments. There is a new version of the Kalmar Nyckel. People come from around the world and learn to sail and provide help on the ship.

Norden, 19 May 2013

21-05-13, 06:00
I was researching New Sweden in 2001 and ran across a speculation that 20 million americans have a drop of New Sweden Colonists blood in their veins. I wonder ! Ran across an assistant in Seattle's largest nursery and garden center [Swanson's] who is related to the Stalcups. :)
I really appreciate the work completed by Peter Stebbins Craig, a very thorough researcher into the New Sweden Colony. Excellent books.