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21-05-13, 20:49
Matti Tofferi or Matt Toffer immigrated to America in 1882 from Finland. Most likely Halsua area. I am trying to find his immigration records. He ended up in Marquette Michigan. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
21-05-13, 21:01
Do have any more info about him? Approx DOB, father's name, would help with his patronym, would help to weed out the several Matt Tofferi on Ancestry. I can rule some out as they were born later than year of emigration.

23-05-13, 18:15
Thanks for your response. The family sent me the following information.
Matti Heikinson Tofferi: born Sept. 16, 1862 in Halsua, Finland
His father was Johan Heikki Tofferi, mother Anna Liisa Kultalahti.
Married June 24, 1883- Anna Marie Wiitala.
Please note they are looking for the immigration information only. Route, ships, port of arrival, final destination, etc. The family plans to attend Finnfest this summer and would like to visit the places the family lived. I will send you a private message with my contacts email if you need further information. Thanks so much.