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June Pelo
26-05-13, 23:41
I have this query.. can anyone help?

Can you fiend any information on thiss family.
Walderman Carolina b. Nov.22. 1873 in Jungsund,Finland
Dead ? proabely New York or New Jersey.
Married June 30. 1894 with Otto Jonasson Orre b.Jan.2. 1867 in Solf,Finland
Dead June 14. 1903 in New York
Children: Ida Irene b. May 18. 1895 Future living unknown
Otto Edvin b. Aug.30. 1896 Future living unknown
Theodore b.? Future living unknown
Edith Carolina b. April 22. 1898 Future living unknown
Ounly I find on familysearch is that Karolina Walderman goes bye name Lena Valdemer.

Karen Norwillo
27-05-13, 16:53
I found Carolina Orre in Bronx, NY in census records 1900-1940. From 1910 on, she was a widow. Her nephew Theodore Walderman lived with her for many years. Otto Edwin used Edwin. He married 20 Aug 1923, but bride's name not listed on NY Grooms Index. There's a Theodore William Orre married 26 Jul 1931 to Grace V Ambrose. Theodore Orre born 10 Dec 1902 NY, died Nov 1973 in Decatur, Dekalb, GA. I found Carolina's Naturalization from 1933.

June Pelo
27-05-13, 17:15
Thanks, Karen. I'll see if I can pass it alone to Olof.. I don't have an e-mail for him.. and found his query on my profile page! Just happened to see it there..

Karen Norwillo
27-05-13, 22:24
I think I remember doing work for Olof Walderman before. A long time ago. From Carolina's Declaration of Intent with photo of her, I found that Edith was married to a Duggan. I believe I found them in 1930 and 1940 in Bronx. William Duggan and a daughter Eileen. She would have been born abt. 1929-1930. Grace V Ambrose, Theodore's wife , was the daughter of Richard and Grace Ambrose and they lived in Queens, NY. For some strange reason, on the 1930 census, there is a Peter Orre 26 listed as Lena's son. Don't know where he came from. He's not found anywhere else. Note difference in year of Edith's birth from what Olof gave. She was born 1900.

June Pelo
28-05-13, 00:09
Thanks, Karen. I noticed that Olof is a Forum member, so I'm going to suggest that he check this site and post his queries directly here. I almost never check my profile page, and probably wouldn't have found his query there for a long time..