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12-02-04, 01:01
I found these names while searching at Swenson [Husband's surname]
PNW4 WA, Olympia, Bethesda Lutheran
Anna Sofia Nybeck [Johnson]
b: 10-29-1870

216 MI, Munising, Eden Lutheran
Anna Maria Johnson [Anderson]
b: 7-4-1892

S22 MI, Bessemer, Sharon Lutheran
Annie L[?] Carlson [Svenson]
b: 25-8-1871

John östman b: 20 Aug 1871

John Johnson, B: 18-4-1850

S26-2 MI, Amasa, Bethany Lutheran aka Maria Swedish Lutheran

Edla [Jakobson] b: 12-12-18__

S27-3 MI, Crystal Falls, Finnish Lutheran

Hilma [Männistö] b: Sep 1, 1880

Rönnqvist, Johan b: Sep 7, 1870

Rönnqvist,, Andrew no birthdate

Mäki, Maria [Keppälä] b: Jul 7, 1881

Anna Sofia [Nylund] b: Jan 29, 1885

Jacob Hilli, b: 1842
wife Anna [Hilli] born Oravais 1841
dau Anna Sofia b: Oravais Jan 29, 1885 [looks as if she is the Anna Sofia listed as married to Nylund

If more data is needed, let me know.

12-02-04, 02:26
Hi Chuck -
I would be interested in more information about Anna Sofia Nylund - do you know who her parents were? How about her grandparents?

Thanks very much -

12-02-04, 03:12
Hi Debbie,
I am afraid I cannot help on that but I will give the information I copied from the microfilm:
Husband: John Nylund, b: Aug 12, 1881 in Kortesjärvi. He emigrated from Finland in 1899.
Anna was confirmed Mar 5, 1901 and the marital data is already posted. In the remarks column for the family and it might have been directed to the husband was this term: "kapakotsin" [spelling might be off somewhat]

OK, this and what was on the original posting is the full extent of the information from the membership roll. Hopefully this will allow people in Finland to come up with the parent info. If you wish, I can get the vitals about the 4 children next time I am at Swenson which is likely to be tomorrow:)

12-02-04, 20:29
Thanks Chuck! From what you've said, it looks like Anna Sofia is not one of "my" Nylunds, since her husband was not born in Oravais. But thank you for the information, anyway! Appreciate your help!

A-M Löfdahl
13-02-04, 19:41
Thank you Chuck,
I´ll try to remember these....