View Full Version : Chambless and Berglund

June Pelo
06-06-13, 02:32
I'm trying to help someone make contact with the above people. Kathleen Chambless had an address of: chamblessmk*comcast.net but his mail to her was returned.

The other person is Donna Berglund and her address was: gmadrbtds.net She may live in MT. His mail to her was also returned.

Both of these women are related to him through the Herlevi family from Finland.

Does anyone know how to contact them?

06-06-13, 13:22
Hi, this is Kathleen and chamblessmk*comcast.net is the correct email. Don't know why it would have been returned. You can try chamblessmk*msn.com. Looking forward to connecting with someone on Herlevi family.

June Pelo
06-06-13, 15:18

Thanks for contacting me.. I'll tell him to give it another try... it may have been a typo. I have been helping him with his search, and no doubt you are related to him.

07-06-13, 00:40
thanks June. I also sent him another email with both of my email addresses. Hopefully it will work the next time he tries.