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June Pelo
10-06-13, 22:42
Burger King has returned to Finland after a lapse of 30 years!

The Swedish publisher Elleströms has issued a new book about Edith Södergran, "Jag är en svärd". It contains correspondence, her translations of French, German and Russian poetry, and an essay by the Russian Igor Severjanin, as well as her poetry. It closes with a long memorial of her mother Helena Södergran. None of the material in the book has been published in book form previously.

Two girls from Finland will bike from San Francisco to New York as part of a summer project to raise money for UNICEF and to promote Finland abroad. They are Laura Kähkönen and Pippu Ahvenainen and they'll be carrying a tent and sleeping bags, relying on local hospitality along the way. They started May 22 and plan to end up in New York in mid-August.

The majority of Finlanders own a smartphone. According to a poll, 61% of the age group 16-60 has one.