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12-06-13, 21:16
My great-grandfather got married to Greta Kaisa Andersdotter at Kungsö, Jomala, Åland.
He also died there in 1867. The church book for his birth is said to have burned but he might have lived in the village of Kaskisto, Somero.

I'm looking for his parents, siblings and ancestors. Maybe someone has him in their family tree? Is there any finnish persons that can help me?

Thank you

Ingemar Ekman
13-06-13, 08:43
Hi Sonja,
The church books for Somero has been digitalized. http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_sve.htm

I found Gustaf Adolf born 21 Oct 1827 and baptized 23 Oct, ref to the Birth record (Syntyneet)
His parents were Elias Palm? and Britha

and the family 1823 - 1830 in Communion book (Rippikirja) moved in to Kaskisto 1824

Troskusk afskedad Elias Palm b 1799 in Sweden? and Brith. Christina B? b. 1802 in Åbo
daughter Maria Christina b 1825, son Gust. Adolf b 21/10 1827 and daughter Emilia Sophia b 1830
(next communion book 1832-1839 may give information about more children)
I can send you the images if you get problem to open the links

Ingemar Ekman
13-06-13, 13:36
I found the family in next communion book 1832-1839 p 392 image 395, please find a picture of the left and right side of the book. I am not able to read what is written about Elias Palm when he died 1838, he was born 22/6 1799 ( ref to moving in records 1824) His wife´s surname was Berg / Ingemar

Ingemar Ekman
14-06-13, 08:17
Next communion book 1839-1847 page 35 (image 37)http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/somero/rippikirja_1839-1847_tp_jk234/37.htm

The widow Britta Christina Berg b 1802 was remarried 29/12 1840 to Erik Johan Mickelsson Helenius b 1811 and they and the children moved from Somero to Jomala 3/10 1843:
Gustaf Adolf b 21/10 1827, Emilia Sofia b 12/3 1830, Elias Ferdinand b 10/6 1835, Johan Edvard b 12/8 1838
According to Jomala-Ba-1-1830-1865-Bild-9 they moved in 15 nov 1843 to page 164 Westansunda No. 7, including Gustaf Adolf Eliasson Palm
The whole family will be found at Jomala-Aa-10-1842-1849 sid-164 and here it is mentioned that Gustaf Adolf changed his surname to Sjöström.

14-06-13, 13:53
Hi Ingemar!

I must thank you so much for what you have done to help me find Gustaf Adofs parents and siblings, and so fast too!

I have been many times in http.//www.sukuhistoria.fi to find my ancestors from Åland and even tried to find Gustaf Adolf, but gave it up as I didn't understrand where I was in the books or places, so you helped me very much, Thank you. I love the sukuhistoria.fi and will go in there to have a further look around. Had it not been for them I wouldn't have found any of my ancestors from Åland either. A wonderful website. I live in Norway, talk the language and understand a lot of swedish but wrote in English, just in case. Sonja

Ingemar Ekman
14-06-13, 16:08
The sister Emilia Sofia born 1830 got a daughter Emma Erika Johansdotter born 11 Dec 1850.
Emma Erika was married 1881 to Johan Erik Mattsson b 22 Nov 1842 and emigrated to USA
and died there 13 Apr 1888 and left behind the under age children in USA Johan Rudolf, Erik Varner and
Ida Emilia. I hope you will get help and find their descendants in USA.
Please send me as Private Message your email address and I will send you some images from the church books in Jomala and estate of inventory docments digitalized by ArkivDigital / Ingemar

14-06-13, 21:43