View Full Version : Translation services in Finland

18-06-13, 20:32
I am going to Finland in about 10 days and will be doing research in the Turku area to start with. Can someone tell me of any good translation providers in Finland to get my grandmother's letters for the 1920's and 1930's translated?? Either in Turku or in Helsinki would be appreciated.

June Pelo
18-06-13, 20:47
I don't know of anyone, but it could be helpful to know if your letters are in Swedish or Finnish?

19-06-13, 17:44
The letters are in Finnish and in a very messy handwriting so will not be the easiest to read.

June Pelo
19-06-13, 21:08
I asked a friend in Finland about translating and she suggested you go to the National Archives in Helsinki, and there is also one located in Turku. She gave this address for Helsinki:
National Archive of Helsinki is Rauhankatu 17 and this archive is in the city centre.

20-06-13, 03:39
Thanks for the information. I've got a hostel reserved in Turku already but may have to extend the visit depending on how things go.