View Full Version : Belated Congratulations June!!

19-06-13, 13:25
I'm getting old!

Earlier this month when I thought about my father and his birth year I suddenly remembered that June soon would have her birthday. The reason I feel old just now is that I soon forgot June's upcoming birthday again. I'm sorry June for missing Your Big Day! – Men, bättre sent än aldrig!

If you were nearer you would get a BIG hug from me, but since you live far away in Florida you'll only get a virtual hug and something small I can send you over the net. Attached is a document which shows most of the 12 generation surnames/family names/farm names you have in your genealogy. The larger the typeface, the more often does the name occur.

Late congratulations and best wishes from us!! – Hjärtliga gratulationer och Glad midsommar!

Hasse & family

June Pelo
19-06-13, 16:09
Thank you, Hasse. What a clever surprise! I'm going to frame that and hang it with some of the original art I've received. :)