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June Pelo
20-06-13, 14:51
I have a query as follows... the family would like to know more about their ancestors in Finland, as well as any others who came to the US, especially Maria (Mary) Kristine.

Mary was born Maria Kristine Margaretha in 1881 in the Oulu Parish. Her parents were Matts Kukkonen and Anna Jarvelin. She immigrated to the United States in 1903. Her sister Martta (Martha) came to the United States in 1908. I have not located any other relatives though I am told she had a brother who stayed in Finland.

20-06-13, 16:27
Maria Kristina Margaretha, born 12.8.1881, Oulu...

Birth Record and pages from Oulu Rippikirjka/Lastenkirja attached

20-06-13, 16:46
Anna Lovisa went to America 9.6.1892 (according to Rippikirja)

Institute of Migration shows Isak Ferdinand Kukkonen, born 1890, Oulu received a passport for America on 22.5.1920; but I don't see any passenger information for him.

June Pelo
21-06-13, 01:17
Thanks for the reply... I'll pass it on. I tried to find Maria's parents on HisKi, but it doesn't go back far enough.