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June Pelo
20-06-13, 20:16
I have a query asking for parents of Johanna Amanda Gästgivars, b. 21 Feb 1887, Nykarleby. They'd also like to know names of any siblings. She was married in America to Johan Uno Johannesson Mattbäck, b. 14 Aug 1888, Esse and they had a daugher Elsa Amanda, b. 1911 in Seattle.

June Pelo
28-06-13, 17:46
I've found a bit more about Johanna Amanda Gästgivars's parents, but HisKi data ends at 1850, so I can't find anything about them. They were Anders Gustavsson Gästgivars and Sofia Gustavsdotter. They had a daughter Hilma Maria, b. 19 Aug 1881 in Soklot, Nykarleby, as well as Johanna Amanda, b. 21 Feb 1887, Soklot, d. 13 Nov 1921, Esse. Hope someone can find more about Anders Gustavsson and his wife Sofia.