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June Pelo
09-07-13, 18:37
FAR has the following query for help. If anyone can help her, please reply directly to her:

I am from Calumet, MI and am searching for relatives of my husband's ancestors:

- Abraham Jarvenpaa, b. 1834 in Lohtoja, d. 1924, Lohtoja.
- Maria Helena or Maja Lena Maunela, b. 1831, Marinkainen, d. 1889.
- Matt Abraham Jarvenpaa/Jarve, b. 1834 Lohtoja, d. Betsy River, Keweenaw, MI
- Kaisa Haasala, b. 1854, Karli, d. Gay, Keweenaw County.
- Richard Jarvenpaa, d. as child in Finland or America.

I am also looking for Erich or Ensti Haasala, b. 1854 in Sorta or Hiaviiri, Finland, d. Oregon/Washington?
His wife Maria Oja was mother of Erich, Matt, Heikki, Charles, Kaisa and Greta Liisa Haasala. Some died in Michigan and others maybe in Oregon or Washington.

Judy Rowe Jarve