View Full Version : Heikki and Matti

June Pelo
10-07-13, 22:20
After the FinnFest, Heikki sees Matti in the Hall in Lake Worth..

Heikki: How was the FinnFest?

Matti: It was pretty good, except that the motels were pretty well booked up.

Heikki: So what did you do?

Matti: Well, I ended up staying at the Finlandia University there with a guy I didn't even know.

Heikki: So how did that go?
Matti: Well, on the first night, the guy snored so loudly that I couldn't sleep. But, on the second and third nights, I slept soundly.

Heikki: How did that happen?

Matti: Well, on the second night, right when the guy started to doze off, I kissed him behind the ear, and he stayed awake all night and kept an eye on me.