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12-02-04, 22:57
:) I would very much like to see a photo of my grandfather Frans Hendrik Rosman who left Turku August 1891, passport no. 609. I don't know which ship he was on but I'd like also to know this and have a photo of the ship. Maybe one of his relatives has a photograph somewhere please. My grandfather died at 39 years of age so I never met him.
Any of my relatives who wish to contact me please do so.

19-02-04, 06:22
Hi and Welcome to sfhs!
I have seen the passport information but I don't find him on the passenger lists. I entered "ros" to get everyone whose name began like that and did not see anybody by the name of Rosman.

If you do not have the actual passport itself, then it is possible the transcriber has made an error.

To which country did he emigrate?


19-02-04, 20:45
I have reason to believe that this information is correct as it came direct from Finland itself. Can only think that my grandfather travelled via Sweden. Anyway thanks for trying. Sylvia

19-02-04, 21:14
The finnish imigration entries are only as good as transcribers make them. I have found numerous errors and after all, these are volunteers who love genealogy so sometimes manuscript entries are difficult to decipher.

It would be helpful to know where Frans died. If in Sweden or Norway or even back in Finland, we will have a multitude of resources at our disposal but if in Holland where you are, I haven't a clue as to how to learn that kind of information. So date of death and where and maybe we can find something for you so don't give up yet:)

I believe the reason why we cannot find him on the immigration passenger list is because that seems to go back only to 1892 and your Frans left in 1891 so more data from you is necessary.

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19-02-04, 21:43
Do you work all night, or is it now day by you?
Frans Henrik Rosman born 18.8.1869 (passport issued 31.8.1891 - No. 609) Because his passport was issued on this date I assumed that he left then. Perhaps on the first passenger ship to Hull ss Urania which also carried butter. He was a journeyman tailor. He settled in London and married my grandmother Sarah Lucy Oakshott on 25.12.1897. They had two boys one born 1899 and the other (my father) born 1901. He died very young at the age of 39 years of age in London. He had a tailoring business in London. At the time of his death he was living at 6 Napier House, Union Street, London.

20-02-04, 00:23
Well now I think people who have access to British gen sites can be of help to you and if you believe the Titania is your ship, there is a picture of it, and others, right here.
Good luck with the British gen people.

20-02-04, 05:11
I seem to recall on Finngen that there was a very knowledgeable lady who lives in the UK who found a death record for someone. I think it was Ruth Lundstrom/Lindstrom. It might be worthwhile posting a message there and see if she can help.

20-02-04, 05:36
I find the finngen site a somewhat confusing place so it would be nice if you would give us some info on where that information is about the uk etc.

20-02-04, 06:08
Finngen is a mailing list and you would need to subscribe in order to post a message. Their messages are archived and searchable without subscribing. You could probably search just by Ruth's name to get her email address. I'm just not positive it was Ruth or someone else.

Here's the link to the Mailing List index:

20-02-04, 07:01

I just found this place and gave it a try with frans rosman with result that this site, which is being built, did not have his listing...yet.
Probably worth trying again.


22-02-04, 00:30
Nice of you to try. I've tried also but to no avail. But we don't give up so easily. I'll keep on trying.:) :)