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13-02-04, 04:22
Just joined the forum!

My parents emigrated from Kronoby in 1952 to Mission City BC. Canada. I presently live in Chandler Arizona with my family.

I am interested in the family names of Back and Finnholm presently.

Jim Bailey
13-02-04, 18:34
Hej, Eric ---

I have about 1,500 to 1,600 names in my family file, but very few Backs or Finnholms.

I do have a Brita Johansdotter Finnholm (born 1667 Hopsala, Kronoby; died Jan. 26, 1760) married to Matts Andersson Stor, plus their son Gabriel and his two children. For the time being, this is a side branch on my family, and I haven't done any further research.

I also have a Johan Fredriksson Finnholm (late 1700s, early 1800s), married to Caisa Mattsdotter Bodo, whose son was Fredrik Johansson Sundström, also from Kronoby. Fredrik's first wife (married 1852) was Brita Lena Johansdotter Back, but I am related through the second wife Greta Lisa Andersdotter Gertrud.

My Granholm ancestors from Kronoby/Larsmo were related to these Finnholm/Sundströms, and I am just now exploring the connection. Therefore, if any of these names ring a bell with you, I'd be interested in any information who wanted to share.

I would, of course, be willing to share all the information I have.


June Pelo
13-02-04, 21:13

Johan Fredriksson Finnholm's father Fredrik Eriksson Jolkka-Finnholm was the 2nd ggfather of Gloria Dahlnäs Kelly. I have the family data in my database, if you are interested.


13-02-04, 22:25

Other Finnholm descendants are Gustav and myself. We are both at least 4C1R to Gloria Kelly through the Finnholm June mentioned.

Eric - some clues of your parents and g-parents perhaps and we could find you something interesting from common ancestors through Talko.

14-02-04, 19:27
Hello Eric

Do you know if the name was Bäck before moving to Canada.

If so, I have some that might be of interest.

Carl Carlsson Kieurkall-Döfnäs born 1695, died apr 29 1750, took the name Bäck when moving to Jakobstad from Teerijarvi.
Jakobstad and Kronoby are quite close.


Jim Bailey
14-02-04, 21:41
Hej, June ---

I almost sent this by private reply, but then I thought, Maybe someone else is interested in the information. So ...

Yes, I'd love to have the information.

My Great-great-great-grandfather was Anders Andersson Fagernäs-Hästö. His daughter Greta Lisa Andersdotter Gärtruds was the second wife of Fredrik Johansson Finnholm, a son of Johan Fredriksson Finnholm.

I was always told we were related to the Sundströms of Felch, Michigan. It looks to me as if the Sundströms are descended from a son of Fredrik Johansson Finnholm (Johan Fredriksson Finholm-Sundström) by his first wife, Brita Magdalena Johansdotter Bäck. So, my Grandholms are related to the Sundströms, as far as I can see, through the second wife as half-brothers and half-sisters.

Company just arrived, so I have to run. Will write more later.

Many thanks for the offer.


June Pelo
15-02-04, 03:45

Johannes Fredriksson Finholm-Sundström, 1860-1921, had a son Martin whose daughter Margit was the mother of our Hasse Nygård. Martin had 5 children Göta, Göran, Rut, Margit and Fritz. Could one of them be your Sundström ancestor?

I show that Fredrik Johansson Finnholm-Sundström, b. 1837, married 1893 to Greta Lisa Andersdotter Gertruds, b. 1843, Kronoby. I don't have any data about her grandparents and no dates for her parents. Whose ahnentafel do you want me to send?


24-02-04, 21:23
Biography : Born in Mission City BC. Canada; parents emigrated in 1952 from Kronoby; presently living and working in Arizona
Location : Chandler, AZ. USA
Interests : reading; music; computers; running
Occupation : Registered Nurse; Manager
Researching surnames : Back; Finnholm
Researching places/parishes : Kronoby; Boholm

25-02-04, 03:57

I'm trying to get the feel of this forum in terms of positing and continuing a thread. Please let me know if I'm not following protocol.

I have a book that traces "Bäck" back to the 16th century in Kronoby but not a lot of info on Finnholm.

My family name was "Bäck" while my dad (Karl Anton Andersson Bäck) was still back in Finland prior to 1952. His father was Anders, William Andersson Bäck (b 1881 - d 1957) and his siblings were Rakel, Karin, Ruben, Frans, Bror, Svante and Knut.

My great grandfather on my dad's side was Anders Andersson Bäck (1849 - 1934), whose father was Anders Andersson (Lybäck) Bäck (1817 - 1901). Apparently this particular Anders Andersson married the daughter of an Elias Johansson Riska, bought the farm and took the Bäck name (very confusing). My book says that he was a skilled woodcarver and did a number of carvings at the Kronoby church.

Working further back, in 1640 there was a paternal ancestor whose name was Lars Mattsson Lassfolk who bought one half ownership of the Lybäck farm and took the name Lybäck.

My mother passed away in 2000 but I know her father's name was Albert Finnholm and that he was a boatbuilder, woodcarver (and farmer I think.)

Thank you everyone for the helpful responses if I can offer any further information to any of you I will be happy to.


25-02-04, 06:30
You did just fine, Eric! :)

I hope that people won't be too intimidated by the Forum. There isn't really any damage anyone can do. We're all learning the system and getting comfortable with the format. I promise it gets easier the more you use it!

Keep on posting! :D

25-02-04, 07:31
Originally posted by ericback
...My mother passed away in 2000 but I know her father's name was Albert Finnholm and that he was a boatbuilder, woodcarver (and farmer I think.) ...


There seems to be lots of information about your mother's ancestry in Börje Vestö's collection in the Talko database.

25-02-04, 10:11
Back Bäck

There is a lot of information you can get on this address, thugh it is quite difficult to sort out who is who, but still, I think you will find it interesting.


Scroll to Kronoby-Kruunupy, chose all 1710--, type Bäck in the surname box and submit


June Pelo
25-02-04, 20:13

Anders Andersson Bäck, b. 1817, was the great great grandfather of Guy Bäck who lives in Kronoby. I have his e-mail address here somewhere and will send it to you. Guy has researched his entire family line and sent a copy to me. He is descended from Anders' son Anders, b. 1849.


25-02-04, 20:40
Does these sound familiar

1 Hjördis Margareta Albertsdr. Finholm. Born on 10 Jun 1922 in Boholm.

On 16 Oct 1946 when Hjördis Margareta Albertsdr. was 24, she married Karl Anton Andersson Bäck.

2 Albert Mattsson Finnholm. Born on 25 Nov 1879 in Bosund.

On 11 Jul 1901 when Albert Mattsson was 21, he married Hilda Maria Eriks.dr. Finnilä.

3 Hilda Maria Eriks.dr. Finnilä. Born on 12 Nov 1877 in Söderpåras. Hilda Maria Eriks.dr. died on 6 Jan 1851; she was <1.

4 Matts Jacobsson Finholm. Born on 4 Aug 1842 in Bosund. Matts Jacobsson died on 20 May 1920; he was 77.

Matts Jacobsson married Chaisa Jacobs.dr. Finne.

5 Chaisa Jacobs.dr. Finne. Born on 6 Dec 1849.

6 Erik Mattsson Boholm - Finnilä. Born on 6 Mar 1839 in å Forsnäs. Erik Mattsson died on 14 Jul 1917; he was 78.

On 28 Jun 1868 when Erik Mattsson was 29, he married Gretha Daniels.dr. Storskrubbacka.

7 Gretha Daniels.dr. Storskrubbacka. Born on 11 Dec 1840 in Påras. Gretha Daniels.dr. died on 9 Sep 1927; she was 86.

8 Jakob Ericsson Finholm. Born on 18 Mar 1799 in Bosund. Jakob Ericsson died on 18 Jan 1872; he was 72.

On 2 Jul 1821 when Jakob Ericsson was 22, he married Maja Kristina (Lisa ) Kaptens.

9 Maja Kristina (Lisa ) Kaptens. Born on 6 Jan 1804 in Bosund.

12 Mathias Mattsson Forsnäs-.ändr Boholm. Born on 25 Feb 1805 in Kyrkbyn Hopsala. Mathias Mattsson died in av ålderdom, on 24 Sep 1885; he was 80.

On 3 Jul 1829 when Mathias Mattsson was 24, he married Cajsa Hans.dr. Myrskog.

13 Cajsa Hans.dr. Myrskog. Born on 16 Jan 1810 in Påras. Cajsa Hans.dr. died in lungsot. on 16 Dec 1876; she was 66.

14 Daniel Mattsson Storskrubb-. Finnilä. Born on 28 Aug 1805 in Påras.

On 29 Jun 1827 when Daniel Mattsson was 21, he married Anna Maria Johans.dr. Snåre.

15 Anna Maria Johans.dr. Snåre. Born on 31 Dec 1806 in Söderby.

16 Eric Jacobsson Finholm. Born in 1764 in Bosund. Eric Jacobsson died on 12 Jan 1833; he was 69.

On 26 Jul 1788 when Eric Jacobsson was 24, he married Anna Matts.dr. Backa.

17 Anna Matts.dr. Backa. Born on 17 Dec 1767 in Knivsund Öja. Anna Matts.dr. died on 12 Apr 1844; she was 76.

18 Anders Andersson Björnvik-. Kaptens. Born on 12 Apr 1762 in Eugmo. Anders Andersson died on 3 Feb 1814; he was 51.

On 25 Jul 1782 when Anders Andersson was 20, he married Anna Johans.dr. Kaptens.

19 Anna Johans.dr. Kaptens. Born on 11 Apr 1764 in Bosund. Anna Johans.dr. died in 1830; she was 65.

24 Matts Johansson Kankaanranta-Forsnäs. Born on 18 Nov 1780 in Röringe. Matts Johansson died in tyfus å Forsnäs, on 23 Dec 1832; he was 52.

On 20 Oct 1800 when Matts Johansson was 19, he married Caisa Matts.dr. Löija.

25 Caisa Matts.dr. Löija. Born on 20 Jul 1779. Caisa Matts.dr. died in å Forsnäs, on 17 Oct 1822; she was 43.

26 Hans Johansson Myrskog. Born on 8 Jul 1770 in Påras. Hans Johansson died on 21 Apr 1844; he was 73.

On 12 Jul 1799 when Hans Johansson was 29, he married Caisa Johans.dr. Slotte.

27 Caisa Johans.dr. Slotte. Born on 21 Aug 1777 in Bråtö. Caisa Johans.dr. died on 6 Nov 1818; she was 41.

28 Matts Danielsson Storskrubb. Born on 26 Jan 1781 in Påras. Matts Danielsson died on 18 Aug 1822; he was 41.

On 19 Jun 1801 when Matts Danielsson was 20, he married Maria Mattsdr Still.

29 Maria Mattsdr Still. Born on 30 Aug 1780 in Ytterbråtö. Maria Mattsdr died on 28 Apr 1842; she was 61.

30 Johan Mickelsson Snåre. Born on 28 Jan 1780 in Söderby. Johan Mickelsson died in lungsot on 23 Oct 1830; he was 50.

On 22 Jun 1804 when Johan Mickelsson was 24, he married Maria Simons.dr. Merijärvi.

31 Maria Simons.dr. Merijärvi. Born on 6 Nov 1785 in Merjärv. Maria Simons.dr. died on 7 Oct 1840; she was 54.

June Pelo
21-03-04, 19:22

As promised, I have an ahnentafel ready to send you if you'll tell me where to send it. It goes back about 16 generations.


27-11-05, 23:48
Originally posted by Hasse

There seems to be lots of information about your mother's ancestry in Börje Vestö's collection in the Talko database.

Can anyone direct me to the Talko database that Hasse mentions? Thanks.

June Pelo
28-11-05, 02:20

The Talko database is accessible to members who submit a GedCom to Hasse and receive a password from him. I just sent you a private message - check it out.